Act to confiscate the funds of the pillars of the former regime

Act to confiscate the funds of the pillars of the former regime

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Act to confiscate the funds of the pillars of the former regimeBAGHDAD / Nasir Ali

Announced that a member of the Finance Committee in parliament, “the Kurdistan Alliance,” Najiba Najib, pull the government bill seizure and confiscation of movable and immovable property belonging to the pillars of the former regime, filtered, and return again to the Parliament amended, allowing the confiscation of money 55 of them.

Said Najib said that “the amendment process came in response to the demands of the demonstrators, it has been significant changes to the bill in question, and the most important he will include 55 personal pillars of the former regime only, this means that the right of leaders of ex-Baath party from outside this list retrieve their money confiscated” .

And failed Iraqi government through three committees formed after the 2004 inventory of the property, and an end to this file, which is, what he says legal expert Alaa al-Zubaidi: “From the files most complex, due to the large number of these properties, and some consideration of the judiciary under the item of property claims after Citizens claims of progress confirms confiscated by the former regime, let alone deliberately pillars of the system recorded the names of those close to them, such as their wives and their employees working, and the existence of funds outside the borders of Iraq. ”

Najib said that “the new draft law provides for the formation of committees of several destinations such as the judiciary and the Justice and Accountability Commission and the Council of Ministers and the Office of Financial Supervision, mission is not limited to these funds and released from arrest and then filtered, aimed at ending the file fully.”

Increased: “The law will be introduced soon and we are with approval since 2004 and not leave it to the committees took advantage of this issue to the completion of the sale of suspicious or sham,” and stressed that “covered only 55 personal law.” She said “the House of Representatives formed a committee to investigate what young this file in case we discovered violations will bring those to justice. Could have been given the powers of seizure and sale of the courts and not for Justice and Accountability Commission or the Ministry of Finance, it is not the right of any point of giving the actors mentioned so the powers are not allocated . ”

And the rest of the Baath Party leaders, Najib said that “the law identified only 55 personal else of their right to dispose of their money”. And funds outside Iraq said that “the process of prosecution began years ago did not wait for the enactment, but the Ministries money and external formation of committees and law firms foreign to follow the money abroad has been restored many of them, whether balances in banks or with persons or companies, also requires states to بمستحقاتها and debt from Iraq, we also Sntalibha Iraq money, nor harm make adjustments to these debts legally. ”

A source in the Ministry of Finance that “the property of the former regime and those close to him and some of the effect on them law confiscation of their property under their closeness to the system is distributed across Iraq’s cities and territorial agricultural and orchards and commercial properties and industrial and tourism, and under the laws approved and placed all at the disposal of the Ministry of Finance as أملاكا general. estimated in 2005 at more than 32 thousand drug and this number is under preliminary surveys, but the largest number, and some of them clearly visible and can not be disposed of, for example, Saddam’s palaces and his sons, but others record the names of close to them. ”

A source in the cabinet that “the funds covered by the reservation and forfeiture are attributable to Saddam Hussein and his wives and his children and grandchildren as well as the names of close to them and their agents and both took advantage of his influence or linked to the former regime and took over state funds or bought or sold without prices or real cause of harm to public money in any form. ”

He was a member of the Integrity Commission Sabah al-Saadi put details of this file in front of the parliament, was revealed some of the sale of these properties is My within the process of corruption and a clear and explicit punished by law, “explaining that” the law No. 60 required in the process of selling any real estate in general, approval of the Council of Ministers, The property of the former regime is not normal, but is a large Real Estate must restrict and regulate and examine the extent of interest earned from selling. ”