Allawi Facebook: approach the divisive sectarian government and the need to amend Constitution

Allawi Facebook: approach the divisive sectarian government and the need to amend Constitution

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Allawi Facebook: approach the divisive sectarian government and the need to amend ConstitutionBaghdad / Orr News

Counting the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi The solution to the dilemma the country’s security lies in the three cases, stop the political exclusion and create security institutions literal and support the economy, adding that the current government crashes pack important laws for years, including oil and gas law, criticizing the way the UN envoy in the country, Martin Kubler and counseled him to resign, describing the approach of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as a divisive sectarian.

Allawi said in the recording Video published on its Facebook answered which questions his supporters and followers yet about the general situation in the country, said that “security is a key element in the stability of the country and 10 years ago there has been no stability of security,” he said, adding that the stability of the security needs into three the pillars of the President, the first to provide a balanced political ground is not based on exclusion and marginalization and sectarianism and the second to provide security institutions professionalism national, saying that Iraq did not possess such institutions so at the present time, and the third to support the economy and create jobs. ”

And frequent absences Allawi in parliament as deputies, Allawi said he attended the parliament sessions, “when there is an important issue that determines the future of the country and the political process The rest of the sessions is not obligation we, the leaders of blocs attendance and this does not mean not to attend when there is an important issue relating to the law is important . ”

And its relationship with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Allawi said he did not oppose it as a person, but opposed his approach, “which hovers around many question marks,” adding that the approach of the current government “divisive sectarian and there is nothing Verifier on the level of service and security, and that Iraq is moving directions are incorrect.”

And on the stalled important laws such as oil and gas and the distribution of wealth, accused the head of the Iraqi List, government بالتعمد in disable these laws, despite the completion of the drafting of some years ago, contending that the law and the law of parties, elections and the most important census must be passed in Parliament.

And blamed some of the audience Iraqi waiver of existing electoral maturity in the head the government after elections in 2010, Allawi stressed that he was determined to achieve this benefit, but the delay in forming the government more than 9 months, and pressure regional helped some people to get around the elections, and we are now in front of two options either the continuation of comments the situation for what it is and the destruction of Iraq, or waive استحقاقاتنا sake of the Iraqi people, as opposed to balance national and full partnership which did not materialize. “and he stopped Allawi crises the country’s current, said that” the practice of dictatorship that has gripped Iraq before the occupation and the subsequent dismantling of government institutions and practices ablation random political and sectarian make of entrenched crises and uninterrupted and tried to contain this crisis, but the ruling authority and a coalition of state law aborted every reconciliation projects, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. ”

Allawi stressed the need to amend the Constitution as “of efforts to build a civil state, especially since the current constitution, written in two months, and this did not happen in all countries of the world, even the United States, which pressed Iraq to write a constitution to the interim period, it took a written constitution 15 years.”

Regarding the situation in Iraq at the regional level and international Allawi stressed the need to lift the country from Chapter VII “because he robbed the freedom of Iraqis and there is no justification one 10 years after the change of regime, criticizing the policy of Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler counseled him to resign or be replaced or that limited the work of the United Nations Mission on the human rights file that clearly violated over the past years. ” And about his relationship with administering the American Allawi said that “the policy of the Iraqi List, did not fit with the aspirations of the American administration and for this reason has supported America’s other lists,” adding that “Iran is trying to harm orientations national by all means”, accusing Tehran of carrying out the assassination of organization for all national figures, one of them.