U.S. guarantees for Allawi and Barzani on the extradition of the “F-16″ for Iraq!

U.S. guarantees for Allawi and Barzani on the extradition of the “F-16″ for Iraq!

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U.S. guarantees for Allawi and Barzani on the extradition of the BAGHDAD / Basil Muhammad:

A leading figure prominent Kurdish that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, gave assurances to the Iraqi parties task, including “the Kurdistan Alliance,” headed by Massoud Barzani, the president of a coalition of “Iraq” Iyad Allawi, Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, on the implementation of the first installment of the sale of aircraft, “F-16 “American combat troops to Baghdad, and planned mid-year 2014.

The Kurdish leader, who preferred anonymity, said that guarantees Biden includes three main factors, first the fate of the Syrian crisis, as it sees the U.S. administration should not be delivery of the aircraft only after the end of the crisis and the fall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, according to the recommendation of the Chancellery of the National Security Department.

The Kurdish leader that the second factor, linked to the President of the current government Nuri al-Maliki, he showed some of the policies violent in dealing with Sunnis and Kurds, and therefore there is convinced U.S. that it is better to implement the first batch of aircraft, “F-16″ after the parliamentary elections and the selection of a non-Maliki for prime Ministers. The third factor, is represented U.S. presidential desire the presence of the Prime Minister of a new Iraqi stand at a distance from Iran.

He Kurdish leader, to the information owned by the Kurdish leadership stating that the debate is still going on between the U.S. Defense Department, “Pentagon” and between the White House, on the postponement or suspension of the implementation of the deal the “F-16″ in the presence of a more cautious than before, “the Pentagon” is Specifically, because some leaders of the American military proposes a restructuring of the Iraqi army forces before handing these aircraft, as he told the defense committee in Congress that al-Maliki was appointed military leaders close to Tehran and filed in the ranks, and they often visit Iran constantly, as well as that Maliki size the role of the military leaders who had enjoyed strong ties with the U.S. forces ahead of a full withdrawal from Iraq.

According to the Kurdish leader, the U.S. administration had approached some Iraqi leaders on the reports reached them of the existence of a list of leaders in the Iraqi army came from Iran and addressed to al-Maliki, asking him to dismiss or convert these into retirement, because they are of the most prominent opponents of the Iranian influence and have the contacts and visits to Washington , pointing out that U.S. intelligence had information that some armed formations Iraqi practicing with the Iranian weapons, including heavy weapons, and that Tehran intends to provide Iraqi forces aircraft drones to help monitor the atmosphere and some of the border areas where attacks by rebel tribes in Anbar province Sunni on the border with Syria, and thus raised the military cooperation of Iraq – Iran, worried about the U.S. military on the feasibility of delivery of the aircraft “F-16″ to the government of working to undermine American influence within the Iraqi armed forces and strengthen its cooperation with political opponent of the United States is Iran.

He Kurdish leader leading to the American administration inquired about places or emplacements “F-16″ when it is delivered, was the answer the Maliki government that the base of Imam Ali in the province of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq near the border with Iran, is the proper place, and that the airport which is expanded and renovated to accommodate more U.S. combat aircraft when they arrive, which reinforced the fears of the American military command.

He stressed that Washington did not get a real guarantees and strong-Maliki to this day, to avoid the Iraqi pilots, led by aircraft, “F-16″ and go out to Iran, especially as the air force Iran to have technical knowledge aircraft fighter the U.S., and perhaps the Iraqi pilots of militias to carry out this work despite all the precautionary measures wants Alamerekon adopted in controlling the use of aircraft “F-16″ to be handed over to Iraq next year.