Biden sow sedition division of Iraq and described the urgency

Biden sow sedition division of Iraq and described the urgency


Biden sow sedition division of IraqPalm – considered by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday that the establishment of three provinces (sectarian and nationalist) is an option “urgent and necessary” to contain the crisis in Iraq, he said.

Reported “news agency palm”, citing newspaper Qabas confirm Biden during a meeting of the FIFA Iraqis in Washington DC, that the establishment of the three regions (Shiite – Sunni – Kurd) is an option urgent and necessary to contain the crisis in Iraq.

Mention, that the Vice President of the United States of America is known when the Iraqis as the “architect of the project to divide Iraq.”

He had been considered a political analyst British Jim Brown in a statement to Al-Alam news that there are external factors fueling sectarian strife in Iraq in order to divide it, likely to be Iraq weak and divided is what was intended from the occupation of Iraq, and said: There is no doubt that there are external factors, certainly there is an internal Iraqi crisis, but there is this crisis of feeding from the outside, that the situation now in Iraq is a continuation of what happened in the last ten years since the American occupation of Iraq and the withdrawal.

He added that the U.S. occupation of Iraq was not aimed at uniting Iraq and the situation in Iraq in a strong position, but in order to weaken Iraq, it is clear that this external factor that foreigners are playing on the case interior, but there are politicians unfortunately in Iraq listen to the outside and want to apply the agenda of Foreign Affairs.