Because of the instructions of the Central Bank .. Iraqi passports for rent!

Because of the instructions of the Central Bank .. Iraqi passports for rent!

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Instructions of the Central Bank .. Iraqi passports for rent!Baghdad / Orr News

Said banking sources and citizens about the arrival of rental price passport Iraqi one to 25 thousand Iraqi dinars, after he launched the CBI instructed to a number of government and private banks to sell the U.S. dollar for the citizens directly as the right of the citizen and, according to bank instructions to buy $ 5,000 to bring him his passport stamped by the bank and arrested the amount in dollars compared to 119.000 thousand Iraqi dinars per $ 100.

The equation is simple citizen buys $ 5,000 from the bank Iraqi allowance of $ 5,950,000 five million, nine hundred and fifty thousand dinars and sell it outside the bank 6,450,000 six million, four hundred and fifty thousand, a net profit of $ (half a million Iraqi dinars).

Sources say that the managers and staff of the banks and in collaboration with brokers outside the bank collecting passports of citizens and buy the currency and stamp the passport and returned to its owner for an amount of 25 thousand dinars for each passport, and so the profit (half a million dinars for the passport per share) multiplied by the number of passports distributed on the broker and the employee and Director . According to one of the workers in this field, the (profit is better than God). He adds: The Director’s share up to 9 million dinars per day. In spite of this public corruption remains CBI trying to reduce the fluctuation of currency and maintain the dinar value against the dollar ..