CBI is preparing to sue the Attorney Jawad Alshahyla

CBI is preparing to sue the Attorney Jawad Alshahyla the to Osath to monetary policy promised his “misleading”


CBI is preparing to sue the Attorney Jawad AlshahylaPalm – criticized the CBI conversations misleading which are used to meet the Bank’s policy Avenue in “uprooting the corrupt and parasites and defending men bankers serious and actors in building the economy of Iraq,” stressing that “sue MP Jawad Alshahyla for insulting the bank,” and reiterated its call politicians “stand on health topics that they have, especially since some are real and illogical. ”

The bank did not name the Attorney which Sakadhih but his statement was referring implicitly to the Attorney Jawad Alshahyla who came across the Iraqi satellite and criticized the policy of the bank to deposit funds in Arab banks in the 31 day of the month of May.

And confirmed by an official source at the Central Bank said: MP in this statement is intended actually MP Jawad Alshahyla, the political and talking on the central bank said on Friday the 31 of the last month of May.

The bank said in a statement issued on Sunday, said one of the members of the House of Representatives, said in a television interview that the central bank has deposited in three Arab banks billion dollars at 3% interest.

Bank considered that “this MP is the beginning of what was going on, as the mechanism adopted at the bank is deposit with the central banks only in countries that have its credit rating more than good, and is performed by a decision of the Board of Directors of the Bank.”

The statement further clarification “confuse the public information and shuffling papers in front of him does not constitute an abuse to the central bank and the banking system only, but also to the system of the national effort to build the institutions and support the economy and weakens confidence in any decisions and mechanisms can be pursued by the state.”

The bank that he would sue MP Jawad Alshahyla on his recent comments, according to a statement that he “reserves the right to legal establishment of a lawsuit over what was stated in the interview, which made this MP from abuse and misleading to the Bank’s work,” reiterated its call “for politicians or wishing wading in such these topics, stand on the health issues that they have, especially since some are real and illogical for a specialist priori. ”

The statement advised those who would like to talk about banking and banking issues that “access to these topics by the bank will not lose them their credibility if their destination reform.”

The CBI said, in the 19 May 2013, that the statements unauthorized confused the market and led to losses for businessmen and investors, resulting in losses for investors and businessmen, noting that there was no justification for such statements in economic terms.

And established the Iraqi Central Bank as a bank independent under its law issued on the sixth of March of the year 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and being sessions a day for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with the exception of public holidays which Bank stops auction.