Biden returns with his new project brings together advocates division in Washington

Biden returns with his new project brings together advocates division in Washington

17:42 03/06/2013

Joe Biden, plan to divide IraqFollow-up – and babysit –
Despite denials by the White House to be Vice President Joe Biden has returned again and put a project previously to divide Iraq into three regions federal Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish political sources familiar with the planned U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden goal to divide Iraq into three regions, it was not a proposal temporarily, disappeared over time but it is the goal of Washington were made steps to put it into practice.

The sources quoted by the agency that the project ur Biden began his steps process since the exit of U.S. troops from Iraq, as it began the process of developing the initial building blocks for this project through politicians معينيين, were selected for this task accurately. It showed that it sought to explaining the Iraqi citizens that need to spring politician like the Arab Spring that swept some Arab countries, untapped needs large citizen, Tamsh image that Iraq at the beginning of his first step in getting rid of a heavy legacy represented by years of dictatorial regime and the occupation of hateful and years of sectarian fighting, had to be a reasonable period of time, get rid Iraq of the influence of the security concern, to turn into a phase of economic and reconstruction.

And describes the sources said there are points threw all these circumstances behind the door cunning and deception to claim the fruit of political and economic similar countries have quietly senior security, فاستغلت people need to Talipem government, revealing that there is work parallel, represented reproduce armed groups, terrorist and extremist, to be used to push achieve the goal of the division, organized by targeting places of worship in order to create an atmosphere is sharp Btaúfah tense.

Indicate that there is regional states actively contributed a lot in this scheme, but for different reasons, states are trying to make her presence politically regionally at the expense of Iraq and the countries of the region, and the other is trying to keep fire partition it, to make Iraq an arena of conflict between them and Washington.

In the same context, said a source familiar with the meeting held recently in Washington, to discuss the next steps for the implementation of the draft Biden divide Iraq. The source added that the U.S. capital Washington saw last week held a meeting of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, and a number of Iraqi political leaders, the source did not mention their names, to discuss the next steps in the draft Biden divide Iraq. According to the source, the many developments will occur on the Iraqi arena after this meeting, but he did not disclose these developments, pointing out that the owners fear this project comes from the sons of the Iraqi tribes, which still rejects the project altogether. He explained that all the attempts of the advocates of this project failed to win over tribal elders and notables to embrace this project, only a few Nhaza opportunities and Hmaz the prospects.

A source in the White House denied that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has returned again and put an earlier project to divide Iraq into three federal regions of Shiite and Sunni, Kurd, and in response to the reports to that effect.

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