Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions/guesses! 6-1-2013

Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions/guesses! 6-1-2013

Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions... HELP!6-1-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar More and more articles are beginning to call a spade a spade and are targeting Iraq [Iran??] and Syria as the ones buying the dollar…This is not a CBI problem alone. It’s a battle that if it were to happen anywhere but Iraq, the government would be taking the lead role to fix it because the government is the one with the resources to police this…Anytime your currency is being attacked all should get involved. Maliki’s government remains quite letting the bank take the fall and in fact attempted to use this as another reason to move in on the bank… Most likely there is payola from Iran to some leaders in the government to look the other way.

6-1-2013 Intel Guru Frank26 For the last 26 years Tink and I have prepared to leave today to a hotel near the Detroit Metro Airport in preperation to leave for Oahu. We have always spent the months of June and July there…Not this year. Why? I believe You all Know ….Why…Today is rather surreal. For real !!!! :))

6-1-2013 Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy Although I’m a skeptic by nature I remain very confident that Iraq is headed in the right direction and one day we will profit from this endeavor due to, in part, some of the reasons:
1. Excluding the oil sector the economy is expected to grow by at least 9.4%.
2. The latest report to US Congress forecasts Iraq’s GDP growth 3x that of the next strongest MENA economy.
3. In the 70s when Iraq’s currency held a much higher value GDP only ranged from $2 billion – $8 billion.
4. Oil is quickly becoming second in Iraq to gold.

6-1-2013 Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy
5. The CBI has stated they have significant plans for economic integration. They are currently the premier emerging market, not only in the Middle East, but the world…
6. The U.N. is fully supporting Iraq’s release from Chapter VII, although I tend to think that will take some time.
7. The HCL/Article 140 are finally being finalized.
8. The CBI/Financing committee is saying they are going to return the value of the IQD to “previous” levels!!
… We recognize the GOI’s ascendancy and corruption have convoluted matters and possibly delayed reforms. The economy is growing with the revival of the oil sector and the improvement in the security situation. And with the support of the international community, debt levels have been brought down to sustainable levels…Iraq is clearly on a path to recovery, one that although promising does have certain obstacles that they must overcome…

6-1-2013 Newshound Guru Tlar There is a saying in business. “to much business is better than no business at all.” I feel the same way about what’s going on now. To many articles and to many currency problems in the news, IMO is better than no news or problems on the currency at all. We will see some kind of a move soon not necessarily because Iraq or the CBI wants to, because they have to. The CBI is backed into a corner. They will either fold their tent or come out swinging. To do nothing IMO is to fold their tent.

5-31-2013 Newshound Guru Stryker tomorrow starts what should be a very interesting month of June. With Parliament due back in session around June 14th, with many laws and amendments lined up for their return, their citizens and us can only hope and pray that this sessions Parliament members can achieve history this time by passing all needed laws before the start of their Holy Days of Ramadan. This years Ramadan is scheduled to start on July 9 and last until August 7th according to the Ramadan Calendar that I derived from the Islamic calendar.

5-31-13 Newshound Guru Stryker So now that we know that Parliament should return on the 14th or 15th of June and Ramadan starts on the 7th of July that only leaves roughly 3 weeks for them to achieve what I will call a miracle if this Parliament could pull it off. The only thing that makes me feel that this miracle can in fact take place is the FACTS that we have uncovered these last few weeks since they have been on holiday break. Speaking of holiday break, maybe, just maybe they were sent on this holiday break so they could extend this coming session into Ramadan if needed to achieve Currency Reform.

5-31-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG CH7 is not as important as anyone thinks…in fact, shortly after an RV iraq would likely qualify to be removed from CH7 (financially – at least)…