Iraqi parliament ends reading the nine laws and vote on Monday, members of the Human Rights Commission

07/04/2012 17:54

Baghdad, April 7 (Rn) – ended the House of Representatives first and second readings of the nine laws in the session on Saturday, which was held under the chairmanship of Najafi and the presence of some 181 deputies as set next Monday as the date for a vote on new members to the Human Rights Commission.The Chairman of the Committee of Experts overseeing the selection of members of the Commission MP Salim al, told the …Kurdish news agency (Rn) “Select the House of Representatives on Monday as a date to vote on the candidates of the Human Rights Commission, the new after the end of the Office of the selection process, which adopted the principle of efficiency basis for its work.” He added, “We have a special report to the House of Representatives today for the mechanism to select new members and the selected 11 members and two members reserve and will be sent the names of candidates for the accountability and justice in order to complete the nomination. “The House of Representatives has formed a special committee for the selection of the new Commission members and formed the Committee of Congress, judges and experts from civil society organizations. as the Council ended the first reading of the draft law on ratification of the Arab Convention on money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism prepared by the Foreign Relations Committee with Council completed the second reading of a bill to ratify the Convention-Arab Anti-Crime Act. and finished the second reading of the draft ratification of the Arab Convention against Transnational Organized Crime as well as the completion of the first reading of a bill to ratify the Arab Convention against Corruption and the first reading of the ratification of the Arab Convention for the transfer of guests penal and correctional institutions. said Rep. of the Committee on Foreign Relations Safiya al-Suhail’s (Rn) “aimed at those laws to return Iraq to the joint Arab action and activation of its true role in the Arab region, especially after the Arab summit in Baghdad, Iraq, and chair of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers of the next year. ” and Council completed the first reading of the proposed law grants primary school students and sponsored by the Education Committee. The head of the Education Committee just Fahd Alhurcab (Rn) that “the law aims to increase the enrollment of pupils in primary schools and reduce dropouts and to contribute in raising the scientific level and improving the income of the family.” while finished the first reading of the proposed law offices of the judicial investigation and judicial investigators and submitted by human rights commissions, financial and legal in order to organize the work of Detective judiciary and its development. and the Board completed the second reading of the bill the second amendment to the law of the discipline of state employees and the public sector No. 14 of 1991 as amended and submitted by the Committees legal and financial. From: Hossam Ali. Open: Murtaza Yousuf