Economic Committee Member: legally structures and tariff are ready to vote after the holiday

Economic Committee Member: legally structures and tariff are ready to vote after the holiday


Ruled out the law passed the border crossing points

Committee expected economic parliamentary pass a number of important laws after the holiday legislative parliament, stressing get agree in principle to approve the law infrastructure, as well as legal tariff, and the draft Basra, Iraq’s capital economic development.

Committee member Rep. Nora Salem Bijari revealed in an interview for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” the existence of a number of draft laws pertaining to its will be read and voted upon after the end of the holiday legislature of the Parliament, in addition to the ratification of some economic agreements and voting on them.

said Bijari that he “will be read the bill Basra the capital of Iraq’s economic for the second time, as well as the third amendment to the Law of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control No. (74) of 1979, as amended, which was read twice, unexpected vote on it, as well as the law of reconstruction of infrastructure that has not been agreed upon because of the political consensus, confirming readiness in Tam of the vote after a series of amendments in paragraphs.

drew MP to incorporate the amendment is CPA No. (87) of 2004, which has been read twice and promising to vote in the Council’s agenda after the holiday legislature, as well as the law on the sale and rental of state funds that had not been agreed to pass because of political differences between the blocks, indicating that the Law on the Protection Iraqi products, which has been read once will be discussed, too, after the holiday in the House of Representatives, especially that Iraq is in dire need for this law to protect its citizens from shoddy goods, which flooded the market dramatically, unexpectedly passed after holiday legislature. and suggested Bijari pass the tariff law No. (22) for the year 2010, which was considered important laws in the economic reality of the country, especially after the readiness fully, noting that the government called for amendments to it and postponed, indicating a difference on this law as a result period of time that will apply them, as well as the visions which refers to the non-possession of the country’s legal environment and supplies task, and do not create the market, and the absence of technical personnel and trained, and the lack of modern equipment for testing, indicating that these factors suggested the possibility of postponing application of the law on the ground.

ruled out Bijari pass a law that the border crossings during the legislative session coming, who has read it twice, has not been voted upon, because of differences on the border crossing points of the Kurdistan region, despite confirmation of the Constitution and the law on the subordination of the border crossing points of the central government, but on the ground, those ports subsidiary of the province and there is no commitment with the central government.

and on the economic agreements indicated Committee member to the completion of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Iraq and Turkey and put up for a vote, as well as raising the Convention on the establishment of a joint committee for cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait for the second reading, and the Convention on the promotion and protection of investment between Iraq and Japan, which see it conventions very important and that encourage investment of Japanese companies in Iraq and will raise for the second reading after the holiday, the legislature, in addition to the ratification of the Convention for Economic Cooperation and development of trade between Iraq and the Czech Republic, which it is hoped to raise for the first reading, arguing that the economic agreements signed by Iraq with countries Several important in increasing the volume of sustainable development and in the interest of the country.

believes economists, the need to seek the government and parliament to legislation and pass laws that can be doubled Iqbal international companies to Iraq, and is working on activating aspects of investment in it, stressing the importance of the law of the infrastructure in this area, who had expected to contribute in attracting major international companies to Iraq, as well as its ability to obtain financial surpluses in the budgets of the country which gives figures large for the completion of projects, especially as the law of the infrastructure depends method of payment on credit, which can provide funds to be used in forums other development.

turn , between a member of the Committee Deputy Amer winner he will discuss the bills and raising the stomach to vote, including, in particular, which was read twice, to vote after the holiday, legislative, believing vote on the law infrastructure after the amendments made ​​by the government on the law, especially that was the subject of an objection from Some political blocs and parliamentary committees, including with regard to the distribution of the funds allocated for projects and ministries and provinces.

added the winner in an interview for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” The Law of the infrastructure will be presented to Parliament after the holiday, the legislature, despite the delay due to technical reasons, arguing that the agreement between the the political blocs on the law depends on the circumstance and the relations between political blocs, which are still tense and incompatibility, as he put it.