Kuwaiti official confirms closure of maintenance tags on the border with Iraq successfully

Kuwaiti official confirms closure of maintenance tags on the border with Iraq successfully



Baghdad (newsletter).An official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, close the file maintenance tags border, after the approval of the UN Security Council on the proposed transfer of funds deposited by Kuwait to the United Nations Fund for compensating Iraqi farmers, to the Iraqi Government, in the framework of maintenance tags border, said that good positive step in the interest of bilateral relations.

He told the Kuwaiti daily ‘ newspaper ‘ Friday: visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber of Baghdad remain, but the date has not been set, denying at the same time what is rumored about the cancellation.

The Director of coordination and follow-up at the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Khaled almaghames: it will set up a Joint Committee between Kuwait and Iraq to continue the maintenance of the boundary markers for the future.

Almaghames, noted: they emerge according to border arrangements adopted resolution 833 on the demarcation of the border between the two countries, adding that this Committee will work the technician away from complex procedures to fix any bug on future boundary markers, Kuwait and Iraq were they folding today a file was outstanding, after approval by the UN Security Council on the proposal of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon concluded an agreement with Iraq to Kuwaiti funds allocated to compensate Iraqi farmers to the Iraqi Government, for distribution to the beneficiaries.

This ban did not specify a particular date to transfer the money, noting that the Iraqi Government will assume full responsibility for selecting the beneficiaries, report the size of the compensation each, adding that the agreement would require the Iraqi Government to inform it periodically of progress in identifying beneficiaries and pay them and when the process is finished.