Kurds to give an example of the peaceful transfer of power not to Barzani’s candidacy for a new term

On the Kurds to give an example of the peaceful transfer of power not to Barzani’s candidacy for a new term


BarzaniPalm – called State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Kurds to give an example of the peaceful transfer of power not to nominate the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani himself for a third term for the presidency of the region.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), headed by Barzani announced that the President of the Kurdistan region will resolve the nomination for election or not by legal means.

The MP said the state law, Sami al-Askari during the permit media that throughout these past years we hear from the forces of the Kurdistan Alliance and Mqren of Barzani accuse others to uphold the authority and the nomination for a third session and the Kurdistan Alliance was a strong supporter of the law which provided for the mandate of the Prime Minister in the House of Representatives and the first to give this message which calls him.

The foreign relations official in the Democratic Party dominated Hawrami has said that Barzani had not yet decided to run for the presidential elections in the region, pointing out that the president of the region will not take any step without recourse to the law.

He Hawrami said Kurdistan Region President, even though he ran for the presidency for two consecutive terms, but he was appointed to one of the sessions by the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, while he was elected direct vote by the citizens in the second time, so you must resolve this issue by legal experts, and then we will decide the region’s president to stand for election or not.

The Kurdish opposition “of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, the Islamic group Movement for Change” has announced that it will be a candidate for the presidency of the Kurdistan region in the next elections, scheduled for next September, without reaching a label until now.

In the view of the opposition forces in the Kurdistan region that Barzani completed two presidential terms in a row is not entitled to run for this session by the law of the presidency of the region, while others argue that Barzani was elected once by the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, and the other via a referendum, and thus has the right to run for a new term because the law elected president of the region talking about the referendum only.

The presidency of the Kurdistan region identified the twenty-first of next September as the date for presidential elections and the regional parliament.

It is said that the House of Representatives voted on 26 of January 2013 to ratify a majority of 170 MPs on the law determining the three presidencies during a session of the House of Representatives.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in a press statement earlier that he would not seek to remain in office for a third term in favor of the idea of ​​installing only two are unconstitutional.

Maliki said that the Constitution does not prevent the cycle that there will be a third and a fourth and a fifth to the Prime Minister, but my decision personally that there will be no session is after, even if the constitution allows, but I hope to change the constitution to not allow more than two sessions.