Decline of dinar/exchange

Decline of dinar/exchange

Increasing demand and overcrowding on the green paper. The gap between supply and demand can accommodate an impressive 60 months ago 70 million dollars a day .. Vetoldt a black market and سعران of the exchange difference of 8 10%.

This is troubling us back to the policies of inflation and multiple exchange rates. Fajlav dinars “ranked match xerox” which turned not worth the paper worth .. And unforeseen tax paid by the citizens as a result of “inflationary Version”, the new dinar coin turning “difficult” value increased (20%) and more against the U.S. dollar (2004, 2012) ..

As long as the dollar bought Dinars strong and “difficult”, this would dispel a policy doubts waste and smuggling, without eliminating the role of supervision and follow-up to prevent manipulation manipulators. Our problem is that we have Dinara strong source of oil imports, belongs to the weak economy omnidirectional Item depends on abroad .. Not only import and tourism ..

But also for learning and medical care, immigration and residence, investment and speculative savings, etc.. And instead improve the performance of the economy to become strong, and strengthen the conditions of openness for the benefit of society and the national economy .. To become a regional center dinar and increases the strength of international demand for it, ran forward and started to download a successful monetary policy generally the consequences of failed economic policy in general. And we went to chase penny and the loss of the dinar, and the accusation and arrest people first to provide evidence and clues later.

unless they change the concepts and procedures with the change regulations they Sttsadm, as is happening now .. When you give up on the official exchange rate for the benefit of supply and demand .. And restrict the conversion exceptions, to be launched after the provision of related items .. And when we seek to move to the National economy and a market economy, when you get these shifts, and deprived of strong dinar satiate the need of the dollar, that will weaken the economy, and pay the capital to escape and prevent others from coming .. And will reduce the confidence of the world and weakens Dinars .. Not based locally to the same stable foreign markets ..

It will increase dependence on outside factors .. Inflation and encourages corruption and fraud .. And many Hoahdna, such as enterprise companies rapidly in different capitals, and are willing to provide the willing “bills” carry ratification embassies and companies, to facilitate the conversion for the purpose of import .. Such as access to dollars through the collection of passports, to take advantage of the price difference, and travel is no truth ..

All بكلف the economy will pay extra for it and the citizen. economy كالطبيعة can invest laws and stave off some of the risks .. But do not can play Bhetwaznadtha and beyond its borders .. We only backfire Kanhbas thermal and “tsunami”, desertification, and we do not understand fluctuations.