Barzani reveals a military coup led by senior officers in the Iraqi army to topple al-Maliki

Massoud Barzani reveals a military coup led by senior officers in the Iraqi army to topple al-Maliki


BarzaniPalm – MP for the Kurdistan Alliance “Mahma Khalil” that Massoud Barzani’s statements about the existence of a military coup correct and he has evidence and Thbōtat the about the existence of Iraqi army officers were planning a military coup in Baghdad.

Khalil said that the evidence lies in the political hierarchy and officers in the military have the desire to events confusion to bring about the coup and the elimination of the Constitution and the political process, adding that the scenario the military is dominant and I think that Barzani wanted to notify his partners in the political process of this trend because things are moving towards the abyss

A source working in sensitive security apparatus for a campaign of arrests affected a number of high-ranking officers on charges of leaking information to hostile parties as well as the 5 of them of plotting a coup attempt against Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

This hand source said earlier that he was arrested officers high-level charges of leaking information to hostile parties and مکتبي Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi is required to eliminate Tariq al-Hashimi, Maکda that the arrest took place in total secrecy without disclosure of more details while the detection of the same source for confidential document issued by the Ministry confirms the involvement of 5 security of the senior officers in the southern province promoting the ideas of the Baath coup and the political process.

The document issued by the Ministry: confirmed that 5 of the officers who hold ranks high involved Balthrک, within the scope of the province to spread the ideas of the Baath Party and his defense, pointing out that these officers have held a number of secret meetings, in order to derail the political process and the coup.

In a related development a senior security source revealed the government’s intention to take action clause to purge the security services that will reach from the third he described Balmertbtin the hostile political process.

He emphasized the source said in a statement: that the urgent need to purge the security forces of the elements to able to obtain sensitive positions and dangerous security forces and taken Achteraqatha of these security areas for the implementation of their plans suspicious because the security apparatus when it penetrates before from hostile to the march of the Iraqi political, it means that this the device will be a significant under Astpham mark.