Kuwaiti official: Sntoa file compensation Iraqi end of 2015

Kuwaiti official: Sntoa file compensation Iraqi end of 2015


announced parliamentary Kuwait that his country will receive the last batch scheduled her compensation owed ​​by Iraq no later than 2015.

said Kuwaiti MP Adnan Abdul Samad said his country will take over the rest of the compensation of the Iraqi invasion $ 41 billion until 2015, noting that the United Nations total approved compensation owed ​​to Kuwait from Iraq worth $ 41 billion, and the recipient’s total so far of 29 billion U.S. dollars and the remainder of which 11.209 billion U.S. dollars.

Abdel-Samad revealed an agreement between Kuwait and Iraq and the United Nations expressed receive a payment every three months at a rate of almost billion on average, which would end the total remaining amount in 2015.

He is MP Adnan Abdul Samad as chairman of the parliament’s budget committee Kuwaiti His comments came yesterday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Committee for consideration in the next Kuwaiti budget forecasts before they are submitted for approval by Parliament. Middle East