Why postpone the meeting after the Iraqi National?


Was scheduled to hold Iraqi politicians their national Thursday (April 5), but the meeting was postponed and made ​​the announcement delay in the words of House Speaker Osama Najafi on the eve of the scheduled date. Najafi said that the widening rift between the political blocs have made ​​it very difficult to hold the meeting, so it was decided delay, the host of the meeting was held in such circumstances would create …new crises. differences existed since the beginning of the creation of Iraq’s political, ie, since 2003, and despite all that seemed to, or view as understanding or a change in policy or even in the names of the blocks.Radio Iraq Free I asked a number of political analysts for their opinions on the current situation, and the political process, Fbroa for pessimism in general, and warned of the wrath of the masses, and drop symbols political figures during the next election, They confirmed that the Iraqis can not Eldgua, twice shy. predicted These analysts that things will form a majority government, or that are dropped the current government through the withdrawal of confidence, after the alliance entities opposition in the House of Representatives, or by the President to dissolve parliament and call new elections. political analyst and confident Hashemi told Radio Iraq Free The situation reached its maximum and can not be of the political blocs do more. He expected the solutions to several of them form a majority to overthrow the government, or of a majority to form a new government, also put forward another solution is to dissolve parliament and new elections, but he also cautioned that the politicians do not want all these options, because they do not want to lose their earnings, indicating that they came out of Parliament now may mean not being able to return to it again. the story of the national meeting began after the aggravation of the crisis due to the issuance of an arrest warrant for Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and accused of terrorism. Hashemi fled to the Kurdistan region, which hosted the authorities there, and refused to hand him over to Baghdad. in atheist Thirty of last March, the Iraqi List, and placed conditions to attend the national meeting of the implementation of the Convention, including Erbil, and the suspension of proceedings against the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, then solve the political dimension to the issue of Vice President Hashemi.