Iraq’s monetary policy lags behind the global dependence on old laws

Iraq’s monetary policy lags behind the global dependence on old laws


Analyst Economic Rissan Musawi, that monetary policy Iraqi lagging global monetary policy, the reliance on old laws. Moussawi said news agency Baghdad International / WAP /, that “monetary policy practiced by Iraq is not suitable to be within the state’s plan to re- building economic infrastructure and finance in Iraq, because there are institutions, cash is responsible for monetary policy Iraqi same laws that were going out during the past period. ”

he added, “it has yet to live up monetary policy Iraqi ambition, since this requires to reconsider our policy Cash and drafting new laws rise to the ranks of political global monetary, to address the deformity made ​​in state policy cash. “

He pointed out that “monetary policy adopted by the government through its cash is lagging behind global monetary policy and this in itself needs a lot of legislation and government decisions that will limit the time to reach this policy to ambition. “

He said, “The monetary policy trader in Iraq left many standards misinformation in the country, which need a long time and new resolutions placed according to the standards of a global financial contribute to the advancement of monetary policy in the region” . and called on the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to “restructure the monetary policy in the country, because the central bank’s policy, especially in dealing with the private banks and the size of the reserve is located, adding,” All these things are fleeting for attention of the State which is one of the most important reasons for the deterioration of politics cash in Iraq. “

and expressed his conviction, that the House of Representatives “can not ايقترح things minutes specializing in the field of monetary policy, but waiting for the bills from the government for approval.” Turning to the events of the central bank, he said, that “state interference in his work was has a clear impact on monetary policy in Iraq, but this does not come only through political stability which will have a clear impact on the economic stability and this case in all countries of the world.