Sadrists advised al-Maliki to step down and coalition calls for the selection of the alternative

Sadrists advised al-Maliki to step down and coalition calls for the selection of the alternative


Sadrists advised al-Maliki to step down and coalition calls for the selection of the alternativePalm – warned preacher and imam of the mosque of Kufa in Najaf Zia cord, on Friday, the incidence of civil war in Iraq, and advised Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to “step aside to ward off temptation,” and called on the Shiite alliance to choose a replacement for al-Maliki, as demanded “to speed up the implementation of death sentences against criminals.

He said Zia cord through the permit media that there was a plot to ignite a sectarian war civil between Sunnis and Shiites in order to divide the country, stressing that if they succeeded Vstkhalaf destruction and tragedy must be a balanced position Yalamlam diaspora and invalidate the work of those plans and the positions of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr does not depart from the Department this position Forensic and national levels.

The cord that Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr seeks to repel enemies of Iraq and is keen to remove him from the dictatorship while retaining all the rights of the oppressed of all communities, “adding that” all what comes out of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr of data flowing in this direction legitimate and what we hear from the questioning is ignorance of the facts. ”

And on the bombings in the country on Tuesday (19 March 2013), the spinal expressed condemnation “of the bombings in Iraq that affect our country all over the place,” and urged the government and security agencies to “provide security and lack of tolerance with the oppressors.”

He spinal that “our country today is witnessing explosions everywhere, especially in Baghdad,” asking, “Do you hear that one of the security chiefs resigned you heard that an official apology from the people,” calling at the same time, “the concerned authorities to accelerate the implementation of death sentences against criminals” .

He spinal “We recommend that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to submit his resignation and step down as soon as possible to ward off temptation, which ignites quickly and he did not achieve anything over seven years security is fragile and the economy is fragile,” calling on the Shiite alliance to “sit down and choose a replacement for Maliki from the same coalition” .

The modern preacher F Kufa mosque leader of the Sadrist Zia cord after nearly day, to confirm the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, on Thursday (21 March 2013), the absence of a project to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and stressed that the work of the block is designed to evaluate the political process and develop the work of the government, while the House of Representatives called the decision “courageous” about the issue of postponing the elections in some provinces.

The ministers of the Sadrist movement announced on Tuesday evening (03/19/2013) boycotted the meetings of the Iraqi Council of Ministers in protest against the policy of the prime minister, and stressed that they will manage the affairs of their ministries from within, but the head of the government response Wednesday through Msstarh Media and gave the Sadrists “until Sunday 23 / 3/2013 “to return his ministers to the Council or give them leave algebraic, because they manage ministries will be affected in the province.

And announced the Liberal bloc in the House of Representatives after an extended meeting held, on Thursday, (March 21, 2013), of the deputies of the Iraqi List, the approval of House Speaker Osama Najafi, a request by a large number of MPs of other blocks to call the General Commander of the Armed Forces of Nuri al-Maliki to Parliament against the backdrop of bombings in the capital Baghdad, finally, confirmed that the date of the hearing will determine later.

In response the Sadrist movement on the lips of the President of the Liberal bloc Bahaa al-Araji, during a press conference held after the meeting, which was held, on Thursday (21 March 2013), the deadline set by the Prime Minister for his crew to return to the Council of Ministers, to confirm that ministers are ready to return to the meetings of the Council of Ministers “if necessary” provided “away from wrangling,” while between that there is anything in the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers determines how the withdrawal and suspension of ministers or placed on leave algebraic, stressing that any decision in this regard would be “an act personally.”

The leader Moqtada al-Sadr, issued a statement on Wednesday, (March 20, 2013) thanks in which his ministers after their decision to suspension of membership in the Council of Ministers described the decision as “supervisor” as the face of a warning to all his followers and Friday sermons not to criticize the boycott meetings of the Council.

And issued a Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr issued a statement on 19.3.2013 attacked the decision to postpone the elections in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and promise “exclusion of the Year”, and “injustice of the common,” and described “the marginalization of the Sunnis of Iraq disaster unforgivable,” and stressed that promised to postpone the elections in General “the consecration of the tyrant and dictatorship”, also confirmed that staying in the current government “is harmful”, threatening to “discuss carefully with our brothers suspension and withdrawal of the government and even Parliament lean.”

Saw positions cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on the issue of withdrawal of Ministers varies between criticism and severe between approval, as he responded to a claim of the Iraqi, 03/05/2013, the “solidarity with them and to prevent” ministers the power to attend meetings of the Council of Ministers criticism and emphasized that Sadrists partner with a coalition of state law and consult with him in all things, expressing his refusal to call for the withdrawal of Iraqi ministers at the present time they returned to the topic “would adversely affect the service of the people.”

Prior to this he was al-Sadr had summoned his ministers in the government to Najaf and met with them to discuss the option of withdrawing from the government formation, and developments in the political process in Iraq, and that a few days after Sadr refused to receive his ministers Business Administration Ministries Iraqi List proxy.

Sadr, announced 31/01/2013 The Minister of Power will not يتسلموا any position of acting rather than ministers of the Iraqi List, retreating, a position that has received praise from Iraq, but the Minister of Planning of the stream Ali Shukri took over the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance Agency, which was run by the leader of the Iraqi List Rafie al-Issawi.

The country has witnessed, on Tuesday (19 March 2013), about 22 car bombs in areas of Baghdad and Babylon, Nineveh and Kirkuk, killing and wounding at least 300 people, mostly unarmed civilians, children and women.

It was Baghdad’s largest share of the bombings, with which killed at least 207 people dead and injured 15 car bomb and an explosive device targeted areas Karada Mariam at the entrance to the Green Zone and the New Baghdad and Arboretum torch and Kadhimiya and Sadr City district Mangers and police fourth Utaifiyya and saffron and Bour and Tarmiya and Husseiniya .

Al Qaeda in Iraq, the first on Wednesday, (March 20, 2013), has claimed responsibility for the bombings, which dubbed (anger Unitarian), and stressed that it was “a challenge” to the Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari and in response to “the execution of prisoners of Sunnis,” while vowing implementation More attacks in the coming days.