Barzani puts 3 options in front of the Shiite alliance .. One war

Barzani puts 3 options in front of the Shiite alliance .. One war

Published 29/04/2013 12:16 AM

Barzani puts 3 options in front of the Shiite alliance .. One warBabinaoz – Agencies: A leading figure in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, that «the Kurdish leader put three options in front of the Shiite alliance delegation, which visited Kurdistan, one of the war in order to protect our people.

The official website of the party Barzani to statements Mahmoud Ahmed, member of the Political Bureau of the Party and the official office media during his participation seminar with the cadres of the second branch of the party, stating that «President Massoud Barzani spoke frankly to the delegation of the National Alliance Shiite during his visit to Kurdistan, and put them three options, the first is a commitment to the principle of partnership and considering the Kurds second national in Iraq and requires the involvement of the decisions, and Bmoisath correct the course of the political process and move it towards consolidating the principles of democracy, and the second option is separation and demobilization kindness, and in the case of refusal of these options by the other party will not remain ahead only option the war to protect our people and our experience.

This comes as he prepares Barzani President of the Kurdistan Regional Government to go to Baghdad today. Barzani yesterday held a lengthy meeting included the ministerial and parliamentary blocs Kurdish in Baghdad in order to consult with them on the agenda of the talks, which will be conducted in Baghdad with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and leaders of the Iraqi state and the political parties there.

A source involved in the meeting that «the participants meeting discussed the Prime Minister of the region about the latest positions on the crisis-governmental organizations, and the findings of the consultations both with the regional president Massoud Barzani during his meetings successive, or during the deliberations with members of the leadership of both parties to develop a critical attitude of the current crisis, and discussed also with the constitutional and legal options available to enhance the Kurdish position of all the outstanding issues.

About the feasibility of the visit at this particular time and whether there is a positive outlook helps to ensure the success of the talks to be conducted by the Kurdish delegation there, said Xuan MP Mohammed Taha
, Said that after the visit of the delegation of the National Alliance, the Shiite to Kurdistan «became there prospects positive for the resumption of the stalled negotiations on the outstanding issues between the two governments, and the current visit of Mr. Barzani comes at a time resulted in the province Kurdish pay the other side to revise its positions, and I think that Province blocs ministerial and parliamentary The paper pressure are important and very successful, in the first place and led the boycott row Kurdish, as well as the Kurdish position of the overall political crisis in Iraq, and secondly boycott was reason to change the National Alliance attitudes toward more flexibility has been manifested through the sending of the delegation to Kurdistan, on the whole The Kurdish leadership has no choice now no choice but to resume negotiations to ensure that the position of the other party, even if the Sadrist bloc تضامنت with us from the beginning was able to boycott like us to drop the Maliki government, and since it did not get the option currently available is negotiation and dialogue ».

The new Kurdish deputy leadership position Kurdistan outstanding problems, saying that «the files to be considered by Barzani during this visit is the same as the outstanding issues for years, in addition to some of the files emerging, with regard to slit the Iraqi there is the question of balance and harmony and representation of Kurdish in the military, oil and gas law, and the subject Rules of Procedure of the Council of Ministers and define the powers of his boss, but in what the dimension of Kurdistan there is the issue of activation of Article 140, and the budget of the Peshmerga and the oil contracts, and the new is a matter of financial receivables and the need to raise the penalty clauses of the budget law in the event of failure of the region or the inability to export Kurdish oil ».
The MP Taha that «the Kurdish leadership is serious in resolving all of these files, or at least activate the agreements under way on them, and I would like to emphasize that any agreement will conclude the delegation of the Government of the region, headed by Mr. Barzani in Baghdad will not be at the expense of any of the other political parties, especially the There are some who are talking about the marginalization of the Sunni component, and expect to take place agreements Shiite and Kurdish behind their backs or at their expense and this is not going to be, because Barzani in Baghdad will meet most of the leaders and officials of other Iraqi parties. He concluded his statement by saying «it is important that this round of negotiations will be very important, because it comes at a time the country further tensions and confrontations security, and therefore insist the Kurdish side to put timetables to solve every problem of the outstanding problems as well as to obtain guarantees the implementation of what will be reached In those discussions.

For his part, declared Ali al-Moussawi, media advisor to the owners that «the delegation visit the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad are always welcome for understanding on the disputed issues between the two parties because the parties believe in that the solution should not be only in accordance with the dialogue and on the basis of the Constitution and that this rule is the subject of consensus between Baghdad and Erbil. Asked whether there were commitments made by Baghdad to the Kurdistan region which encouraged the Kurdish leadership to send this high-level delegation, Moussawi said «there are no commitments prior because the points of disagreement known between the parties and resolved is through dialogue, as we said, but there is an attempt to reach an agreement on Some of the points of disagreement, where it can be resolved in accordance with the Constitution. On the other hand proceeded Kurdistan parliament a law however allows for the Ministry of Natural Resources (oil) in the Kurdistan Regional Government to export oil extracted from the region and sell it to obtain the benefits of the financial implications of the federal government in the event of its failure to pay for the Kurdistan region within the state budget. M / Middle East