Parliament plans to pass a law on customs tariff

Parliament plans to pass a law on customs tariff


Tariff Law IraqAfter the legislative recess

The parliamentary Economic Committee intends to pass the Bill after the recess of the customs tariff legislation in cooperation with the Finance Committee, according to the Committee, this Bill will bring positive results to protect the consumer, trader and strengthen the country’s economy through unification of taxes.

Committee member MP Abdel Salam Al-Maliki told News Centre for the Iraqi media network “that” the law would strengthen the country’s financial presence through substantial financial returns to standardize taxes on materials to Iraq, and will have a positive impression in the Iraqi street because it protects the citizen (consumer), through a mechanism programmed both in monetary terms or in the import or export, in particular to the law in force in all countries of the world. “he added that Al-Maliki’s Deputy” there are a lot of obstacles stand in Adoption of this law, including the border of the Kurdish region, which is still open and is controlled by the Federal Government, controlled by the County, “he said, adding that there are” more than 13 border ports, eight of them only under the control of the Federal Government and the remaining five are either controlled by the County, or closed because of the security situation between Iraq and Syria in addition to port non-controlled post at fully because of security conditions and events in the regions leading up to it. “

The Member of the Commission must be subject to the law governing trade in the country, saying the law would avoid the country economic and financial mess currently because the border deal as a specific mechanism varies from port to another, so it would be more protection for the merchant and the more sedate of the Iraqi economy, in addition to the control of the funds in accordance with the programmed by the Department of customs and the Ministry of finance to ensure the safety of the entry and exit of goods and on Basra, the capital of Iraq Bill economic MP Al-Maliki that his Committee is an integrated programme For this Act and to address all loopholes which activated inside the House and passed during the current legislative session.

And member of the Committee that its work to attract the attention and interest of the world through legislation this law as is the case in many countries of the world, saying that Basra would be the oil production in the coming years 80-85 percent of the production of Iraq in addition to their ports and many important projects which all have economic returns