Will they LOP the Iraqi dinar?

The Central Bank scrapped the currency structure of the year

– APRIL 26, 2013

Iraqi dinarBaghdad-on-off

The Central Bank said there is no intention of structuring currency and delete zeros this year.

The parliamentary Finance Commission member Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri for (time) on (the Central Bank declared its intention to restructure the currency and delete zeros this year).

The Committee (with the currency because it reduces the structure of categories and make it easier to carry and over fraudulent groups add that enhances the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar).

Adding (if you omit leading zeros will bank issuing currency class 100 dinar be worth close to $ 100 and that this thing would reduce currency from 4 billion to billion).

Al-yasseri referred to (former Governor of the Central Bank, Sinan Al-Shabibi had called for currency and structure he raised several grounds of counterfeit currency detection and the Iraqi currency has become a large mass and was saying that in the interest of Iraq delete zeros).

The Bank has no intention of structuring currency and delete zeros in time. He denied in a statement (what’s current news on the restructuring of the currency and delete the zeros).


Notice it says “leading zero’s” that means the rate to me, current rate is .0008576, remove the “leading zero’s” and it’s .8576, just an observation!