Parliament receives the amended version of the law of customs tariff

Parliament receives the amended version of the law of customs tariff


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Member of the Committee announced the economy and investment in the House of Representatives Noura Bijari, the amendment of the Tariff Act by the federal government and sent to the Parliamentary Committee on the economy to be discussed and passed in the House of Representatives in the coming days.

She informed Bijari Agency (news): all make adjustments to certain paragraphs of tariff law by the federal government, and handed him over to the House of Representatives to be discussed thoroughly by the competent committees after the holiday parliamentary elections, to be submitted to the Presidency of the Council for the purpose of voting.

He added: deputies to the economy and investment committee insist on the application of tariffs as soon as possible, because of its great importance to the protection of the national economy and the local product, in addition to that it will stimulate other economic sectors Kalsnaaah and agriculture.

She pointed out: that there are government agencies trying to block implementation of the law for reasons described by the personal interests of some officials who deal with dealers, suppliers and foreign companies that export to Iraq.