Invites the Government of the Kurdistan region to resume oil exports

04/04/2012 17:51

Baghdad, April 4 (Rn) – The Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Wednesday, the Kurdistan Regional Government reverse its decision to stop the export of oil and appeal as a goodwill gesture and to “cut the road in front of trying to make this issue a platform to inflame public opinion against the Kurds.” and stopped the Kurdistan regional government Sunday to export oil from fields in the region until further notice due to non-payment of the federal government in Baghdad financial receivables for foreign companies operating in the oil production region. A spokesman for the alliance pro-Tayeb told a news conference building, the House of Representatives in Baghdad that… “the Kurdistan Regional Government and as a gesture good faith to resume oil exports despite the lack of commitment by the federal government promises regardless benefits the oil companies. ” said Tayeb, “The dues of the oil companies can be handled in other ways is to stop exporting oil, because its revenues go to the people and not to the government.” and that “the call to the resumption of oil exports from Kurdistan Region comes to preventing some of the exploitation of this issue as a pretext to inflame public opinion against the region. ” and called for good the federal government and political entities to “deal with the region as part of Iraq, not as an entity Ghraib has ambitions of expansion and lives on the date of Iraq.” said Minister Iraqi Finance Rafie al-Issawi said last week that Baghdad had agreed to pay nearly $ 560 million to producers of oil in the Kurdistan region. made ​​his Issawi timely response to the announcement by the Government of Kurdistan to reduce exports to 50 thousand barrels per day, and the threat to stop exports altogether if not paid Baghdad amounts of about 1.5 billion dollars. From: Yazan Al Shammari.Open: Abdullah Sabri