Accusations directed at the Central bank will affect the reputation of the Iraqi dinar

Hussein Mura’bi: accusations directed the central bank will affect the reputation of the Iraqi dinar and the advent of global companies

13-04-2013 11:28 AM

Cental Bank of Iraq, Iraqi dinarBaghdad (news) .. Denied a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / National Alliance / Hussain Salman Mura’bi, the accusations against the Central Bank regarding the theft (10) tons of gold, warning influenced the charges on the bank’s reputation and the Iraqi dinar and the advent of companies. said Mura’bi (of the Agency news): There was an error happened in the documentation for collecting full backup of gold and sent to the International Monetary Fund by the Central Bank, where he wrote in the first report (39) tons, and then was corrected in the subsequent report and wrote (29) tons. pointed to: that the Integrity Commission when they saw the difference between the two reports confirmed that there stealing for (10) tons of gold without check and make sure the subject, which led to Thoelh media and targeting the largest financial institution in the country, a central bank. added: that these accusations unemployment will disable the movement of the institutions in the state as well as harm the work Central Bank and the impact on his reputation in the forums of Foreign Affairs, and the result will affect the advent of international companies which forms Iraq for her danger zone. referred to that member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP Jawad Alshahyla revealed last week that ‘ten tons of gold stolen from the central bank’ of Iraq during the end of last year, and said that the current presidency of the bank ‘involved’ in that theft. / end / 8.. /