The United States cut aid to Iraq in Moisnha for next year 2014

The United States cut aid to Iraq in Moisnha for next year 2014


And published U.S. State Department on its website details of the draft budget law next year 2014 sent by U.S. President Barack Obama to Congress in a document beyond the fifty pages, and carrying notch external budget significant implications in terms of priority and increase aid to countries “Arab spring” for the stability of such assistance granted by Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, while striking in the document is to reduce aid to Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of reducing the burden of military and political there with the withdrawal from Iraq and its preparation in Kabul.

In the economic aspect and the military, charge the budget, the first U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry since taking office, Political Indicators pivotal entrenched U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, and give greater importance to support an ally historically the United States was visited by Kerry on his recent trip to the Middle East, including Iraq visit unannounced, 24 Last March 2013.

The largest reduction in economic aid was long Iraq, where the U.S. administration intends to reduce the level of $ 22.5 million from 262 million last year .

The U.S. State Department said in a report, “This deduction is in line with the reduction of fingerprints U.S. government in Iraq and the administration looked forward to bilateral assistance is much smaller in Iraq focused on the population at risk, democracy and governance.”

In the security aspect, would cut aid to Iraq from 850 million to 500 million These figures need to be approved by Congress, which will be studied in the public hearings next week .

The U.S. State Department’s budget for next year 6% lower than last year 2012 and totaling 47.8 billion dollars.