By jbp1955 | Posted March 19, 2013 | Greenville, Texas

Iraqi DinarWe, as a people, cannot go back and correct things of the past. However, we can voice and make known the things of the now and what it will mean for the future. This iReport will not go into the underlying reasons or goals of the invasion of Iraq but it will set forth a view as to the now and what it means to remove the political landscape so that the Iraqi people can move forward in their freedom as a nation but more importantly move forward with the wealth which has been promised to them and made constitutional within the new Iraq constitution.
We focus so much time on news worthy politics but gloss over news worthy reports of the real behind the scene issues of allowing the Iraqi people to finely realize one of the fundamental reasons of providing them with a democratic nation. At a time, when major financial issues exist around the world it is felt the investigative reporters have failed to really look into the details of the underlying conditions which these issues are more political than real.
One of the major objectives of liberating Iraq was to provide the people with a democratic nation and they be allowed to create a government of the people and by the people establishing a constitution which would provide for the health and wealth of its people. The constitutional was approved in 2005. Article 140 of the Iraq Constitution requires the executive authority shall undertake the necessary steps to complete the implementation of the requirements of all subparagraphs of Article 58 of the Transitional Administrative Law. Specifically Article 58 states:
A. The Iraqi Transitional Government, and especially the Iraqi Property Claims Commission and other relevant bodies, shall act expeditiously to take measures to remedy the injustice caused by the previous regime’s practices in altering the demographic character of certain regions, including Kirkuk, by deporting and expelling individuals from their places of residence, forcing migration in and out of the region, settling individuals alien to the region, depriving the inhabitants of work, and correcting nationality. To remedy this injustice, the Iraqi Transitional Government shall take the following steps:

1. With regard to residents who were deported, expelled, or who emigrated; it shall, in accordance with the statute of the Iraqi Property Claims Commission and other measures within the law, within a reasonable period of time, restore the residents to their homes and property, or, where this is unfeasible, shall provide just compensation.

2. With regard to the individuals newly introduced to specific regions and territories, it shall act in accordance with Article 10 of the Iraqi Property Claims Commission statute to ensure that such individuals may be resettled, may receive compensation from the state, may receive new land from the state near their residence in the governorate from which they came, or may receive compensation for the cost of moving to such areas.

3. With regard to persons deprived of employment or other means of support in order to force migration out of their regions and territories, it shall promote new employment opportunities in the regions and territories.

4. With regard to nationality correction, it shall repeal all relevant decrees and shall permit affected persons the right to determine their own national identity and ethnic affiliation free from coercion and duress.
This iReport will not go into all the details associated with the implementation of Article 58 of the Iraq Constitution but this report will set forth herein that all the conditions have been met for the Iraqi people to be compensated as their constitution so dictates but it is world politics which are holding this process up. So the point of this report is to inform the people of Iraq and the world who have invested money towards the rebuilding of Iraq in buying their currency that the issues of personal gain from world politicians are now the cause for the continued suffering of the Iraqi people and those individuals who have invested time and money to support the rebuilding of Iraq during their restructuring.
The Iraq government has set aside Billions of Iraqi Dinar to compensate its citizens for the hardships incurred of previous governments. The Head of the Kirkuk branch of the Article 140 Implementation Committee says the compensation cheques will be distributed next week. Kakarash Sidiq said, “The compensation cheques were to be distributed when the budget was approved, but due to some problems it was postponed until next week.”
Why is it important we know this? It is important for all of us to know that the Iraqi people are suffering still and will continue to suffer until the politicians around the world finish their personal agendas to further their individual wealth by claiming ownership to Iraqi Dinars through various means from other individuals and governments who have rightful ownership. Furthermore, it is important as United States people to understand that our government owns several Trillions Iraq Dinars. In fact, it has been confirmed through independent third parties conversations with US Congressman that the United States Treasury holds more than three (3) Trillion Iraq Dinars.
The International Monetary Fund as well as world governments announced some time ago that with the release of the new world banking regulations – BASIL III – that world currencies would go through a shift in value. In fact, almost 200 nations have approved this process. This process of revaluation has been approved now for a couple of months and it is in the political positioning of individuals which has held the implementation of this revaluation to take place.
Besides the issue of not allowing the Iraqi people to receive the personal wealth owed to them we should look at the intended purpose of the Trillions of Dinar which the United States government owns. What are these to be used for? As United States citizens whose tax dollars were used to pay for this war it would be more than appropriate that the United States citizens require the use of the conversion of these Iraqi Dinars to pay for the US Debt associated with the Iraqi Wars and the balance of which be returned to the United States citizens who sacrificed their hard earned money to pay for this in the form of a tax dividend.