Report: Israel expects a few casualties in the event of war with Iran

03/04/2012 17:00

Erbil, April 3 (AKnews) – published British newspaper The Guardian in its edition of Tuesday, a report on a field study of casualties in Israel in the event of rocket attacks for three weeks, according to the assessment of the situation the latest security and capabilities of Iran’s missile traditional limited. The report pointed out Israeli security officials estimated the number of victims in Israel as a result of military conflict with Iran, expected less than 300 people dead. Adding that the launch of Israeli missiles of anti-missile system, known as the Dome of the iron that can be used against attacks from Lebanon and Syria, as well as Iran and perhaps to a limited extent from the Gaza Strip, according to reports in… the Israeli media in the event of war with Tehran. He explained that the study will be presented to the Cabinet security cabinet Israel next week. said the report, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak sought last November to calm the fears of a rising number of civilian casualties in the event of an attack on Iran, adding that Israel Radio said he was “not there is a chance in such a case only and will fall where 500,000 people dead and not, as they claim 5000 or 500 people, ” The report said Hamas would not be dragged into the conflict between Israel and Iran without explanation, and the internal disturbances Syrian impede the ability of Damascus to engage in foreign conflict , where it is expected that Hezbollah would target Israel with missiles from its arsenal of large, leading to system deployment dome of iron to defend the counterattack, expressing the fears of some Israeli politicians on the preparations of internal conflict, while there is a shortage of gas masks as well as shelters Allamna. seen , and the Open: Fadi Zeidan