Central confirms obtain a statistical error in the reserves of gold

Central confirms obtain a statistical error in the reserves of gold and points to the presence of target performance

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 16:26

Central Bank of Iraq and International Monetary FundBAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. the central bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, the existence of a statistical error in the data on Baanaatih of gold made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been corrected, pointing to the existence of systematic targeting of its performance, and that it will not tolerate the targeting.
The bank said in a statement received / Baghdadiya News / copy of it, that “the source of discrepancies in the data related with the Central Bank of gold reserves to the International Monetary Fund is wrong statistical exchange in the data submitted to the International Monetary Fund initially, and was corrected in the second report of the Fund , “pointing out that” there was no transaction to buy or sell at this stage. ”
He stressed that he and the level of his administration “will take all necessary legal action against those who erred in the presentation of statistical data,” pointing out that “those who spoke to this subject was not familiar with until the arrival – if desired insulting to the central bank – using methods logical, it is known that the bank’s balance sheet exposure with reports which include the nature of the assets and liabilities do not need it for more than a review of this budget to make sure it did not include such changes. ”
The statement continued that “recent days have seen advertising candid and unprecedented and irresponsible targeted institutional systematic survey of the performance of the Central Bank of the parties not collected only resistant to rebuild Iraq,” noting that “it is not unlikely to have intended this attack more confusing public order the Economic and Social “.
He added that “whenever a new administration decision to strengthen the market and boost the economy and the organization of more economic freedom in the area of the bank’s activities and management of foreign currency faces a number of politicians to respond and exposure to these procedures, which is reflected clearly influencing the development of the currency and the stability of the market.”
The bank confirmed that it “will continue to seriously legal and economic implications of such targeting,” he said, adding that “this institution should remain independent not only in its resolution, but even in the thinking and attitudes of others towards them.”
The Bank noted that “directed the bank, which is keen him regardless of what other people are doing and is planned and pay him, is more than the defense of a fixed exchange rate and greater freedom of openness the market and protect the banking system effectively and efficiently and to ensure its success in keeping Translated from continuing influence on this device “.
It is said that a member of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity Jawad Alshahyla revealed, in a press conference held at the parliament building yesterday, that “ten tons of gold stolen from the Iraqi Central Bank by the end of last year,” and stressed that the current presidency of the bank “involved” in that Middle, while the bank denied CBI on the same day, the news that talked about the theft of tons of gold of, and called Alshahyla to provide probative evidence, waving to sue him, saying that news aimed at disrupting the market and harms the reputation of the Iraqi economy. Finished / 21