No partnership after today .. Maliki to “third term” political majority

No partnership after today .. Maliki to “third term” political majority

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Maliki third term?BAGHDAD / David Ali

No longer difficult today the discovery of the aspirations of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the third term despite facing strong criticism for his policy. Maliki equipped weapons to compete with the rest of the liabilities and spoke with great confidence in the festival’s electoral coalition “rule of law”, which was held in Baghdad on March 30 and said it “will reap the political majority in the provincial councils.”

But the first image that observer can capture a scene campaign for the owners that enter his political team and head حربته of the “Dawa” in exercise proactively elections transit to “third term”, which without a doubt will not work according to any standard earlier, and will launch a “partnership “Balthelath.

Dawa party leader attracted to described several political figures, mostly involving Basma and one which they are former dissidents from the blocks partially allied with him in the past or stubborn opponents opponents since his first term in 2008. Fajder Khuzaie leader of the Dawa party organization of Iraq, a historic dissident faction of al-Maliki, and there is also a Hadi al-Ameri, Secretary Badr Organization, which split from the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim.

And outside the traditional framework of alliances state law political gains reaped Maliki while profit tour negotiate with Saleh al-Mutlaq, leader National Dialogue Front, and Jamal Karbouli leader block the solution, including the signals Maliki political majority T_khashma, and a number of defectors from the “Iraqi” no longer block says most prominent leaders.

Today speaks close to al-Maliki that he reaps the fruits of political maneuvers that earned them more political power and influence on the scene alliances. “We will state law attendance optimization and efficient and the most in the upcoming provincial elections as a result of the history of people in these councils in the current session and candidates for the next session and dedication of Iraq, Without the survival of the rule of law together within the framework of the National Coalition for Iraq was in the other situation.” Thus spoke Maliki in the electoral FESTIVAL attended “discussion.”

Maliki spoke this language ecstatic largely to the extent that it reached out to resolve the indirect results of the local elections, and he wants them to prepare resources powers that are available to the tour next legislative elections, has settled his time ago for a third term and one of the reasons that led him to trust that every crisis and pressure made him feel that he sticks to opponents if they wanted to abort it.

He believes that his strength came from his ability to protect the cohesion of the political faction, and the failure of the opposition to derail the political process. It is not too Maliki that refers to that point during his speech at the festival where he said “the challenges were great and stood fast assistance of partners in the political process, but sounds that we hear that resound in retaliation will not be able to gain from Iraq because Iraq recovered both at the national and foreign relations.”

Soon new allies engaged in the project in the language in which electoral leg-Maliki touting the strength and ability to win any new challenge. It seems that a number of those who opposed the leader of the Dawa Party, and have come to the conviction that partnership opportunities with very little Maliki and proven fact it almost impossible task, especially with Maliki to control the sources of political and security decision.

With the failure of partnership liabilities discover that they belong to the blocks have not achieved good results in the local elections last, and the solution is the search for a political lever provide them with the opportunity to obtain political gains in the Legislative Council and the Executive Council.

The MP says Maliki’s ally and leader of the Badr Organization, “We are facing hard work and cumbersome to meet some of those who are hostile to create despair in the hearts of Iraqis and get them to a reluctance to participate in the elections from, we have today a great responsibility to convince the Iraqi people to participate in the elections.”

It is clear that al-Maliki plans for a new chapter of political life in the country, and is keen at the conference also showed the electoral law of the state to make his political party a sharp polarity, and found himself the “political majority” long-term.

In the recent crisis, which has worsened with the demonstrations in the cities of Anbar and Mosul was Maliki arrange home interior for new allies do not believe in partnership on the way “Erbil agreement”, and have the approval of a majority government led by himself.

He says Ahmed Salim Hussain, a professor of political science that “traditional alliances upon which the current government will not be valid after the day of any political project, and the intention of al-Maliki to take over the government for the third time as a foregone conclusion. Hussein added,” the way in which marketed the Prime Minister for his bloc and its allies confirms including No doubt that the new sorting clearer preparing him the political process in a country where opposition forced the government to monitor the parliament. ”

Maliki will go to the third term without a doubt will go a way to cross the recipe political does not depend only “political majority which avoided the opposition, which sits in government today and leave tomorrow, and to achieve this ambition or not associated with the presence of political factions have the ability to compete with al-Maliki, such as the Sadrists, who may be a barrier between the leader of the Islamic Dawa and his third.