The parliamentary Finance Committee is discussing with Director General Customs tariff act

The parliamentary Finance Committee is discussing with Director General Customs tariff Customs Act can be implemented


Baghdad (newsletter).The Committee discussed the parliamentary Finance, chaired by MP Haider Al-Abadi, Director General of customs body Munther Abdel Amir, the latest developments on the possible implementation of the law on customs tariff.

The Committee said in a statement received (News Agency) a copy of the meeting discussed the major obstacles and problems which prevent the implementation of the law on customs tariffs, and that after a long debate which included a lot of questions and queries raised by members of the Committee:-

1. What are the results of the report of the Committee chaired by the Director General of the Commission to examine the possibility of provisional application or fragmented? 2. What is the schedule of the body to get to the real and full implementation of the law? 3. What is the role of the Commission in her share of allocations cut off border crossings approved in the federal budget law for the development of ports and border communities?

It said: the Director of the Commission said Customs Tariff Act could not be applied due to technical, administrative and other supporting Parties should cooperate like (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of health, Ministry of planning, Ministry of defence) with the Commission on its implementation, and that request original documents certified importers and exporters by urging stakeholders to develop working methods and the precision required to update the mechanisms regulating the granting of import and export license.

The Director General of the Commission: allocation of budget for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the Iraqi customs and border-crossing points through the State budget and the need for resolving the problem of border of Kurdistan as customs federal case

The statement said: at the end of the meeting, said Al-Abadi, said the Committee has a lot of comments and views on the above-mentioned law which will be recorded in the Committee’s report prepared on the law for presentation to the House of representatives soon will host representatives from the (Ministry of Commerce, the Economic Affairs Committee of the Council of Ministers, the Directorate of border, the Interior Ministry, with the participation of the General llkmark Commission) at the Commission’s headquarters soon to discuss the law in question