National Alliance: qualitative convergence between (Baghdad – Erbil) is subject to the meeting of the Kurds today

National Alliance: qualitative convergence between (Baghdad – Erbil) is subject to the meeting of the Kurds today

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Baghdad / Orr News

Informed sources confirmed that the National Alliance being behind-the-scenes interviews with the team sponsored by Kurdish politician, Barham Salih, the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by President Jalal Talabani, resulted in the formation of a high-level negotiating committee seeks to set the basis of the settlement of disputes between the parties.

Said Ali al-Moussawi adviser to Prime Minister’s media that Maliki’s decision to assign portfolios occupied by the Minister Kurds to other ministers proxy is not a blow to the dialogues conducted by the National Alliance with the Government of Arbil as a decision Regular technically had been taken with the ministers of the Iraqi List, when boycotted cabinet meetings, “pointing that “the government is not interested in what is happening in the political arena of the movements with the political parties in Kurdistan because it is linked to the National Alliance.”

In terms of the political movement revealed a source in the leadership of the National Alliance for the “crisis with Arbil on its way to detente with the presence of signs of a solution through the findings of the meeting the delegation of the National Alliance last Kurdish leadership that in Arbil.”

The source continued that “agreement obtained between Baghdad and Erbil on the formation of a high-level committee is working to resolve differences and restore to normal as soon as possible,” revealing that “a leading figure in the party Talabani, Barham Salih, took it upon himself, with a number of Kurdish leaders High , boot to conduct intensive talks and meetings side behind the scenes with deputies and representatives of the coalition of state law in order to search for solutions of transition to phase extended meetings. ”

The source stressed that “the U.S. embassy had intervened on line mediations in favor of the Kurds and demanded the federal government to fulfill its obligations, but recent stipulated that there will be implementation of mutual obligations between the two parties because each is accountable to the other items several agreed upon at the stage of formation of the government” .

A delegation of the National Alliance headed by the leader of the state law, Sheikh Khalid al-Attiyah arrived in Arbil a few days ago and held a meeting with Kurdish leaders, which several observers beginning to melt the ice between the two parties.

This convergence was confirmed by a senior leader of the National Alliance, but cautioned that the negotiations ball lying in the court of the technical committees that will endeavor to hold meetings soon.

In contrast, the Kurdish parties waiting for an important meeting today in order to develop a vision from which to deal with Baghdad. The head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Fuad Masum said that “an important meeting convened by the President of the Kurdistan region today (Monday) Kurdish leaders, including ministers and members of parliament at the center.”

Masum said that “in light of the meeting will be determined by our attitudes toward Baghdad,” refusing “to give further details at this time because it depends on what will come today in the meeting.”

While Declined several deputies and Kurdish leaders from making statements about the vision that could reach them the upcoming meeting of the region’s president, but the leaks insiders indicate that “the upcoming meeting will discuss the future dialogues with Baghdad and the possibility of sending a delegation to negotiate our demands or sufficiency of the letter already We sent them to the federal government included the points to be applied. ”