U.S. Energy: the Iraqi government’s talk about electricity continuously “inaccurate”

U.S. Energy: the Iraqi government’s talk about electricity continuously “inaccurate”

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Washington / agencies

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration ( EIA ) that Iraq “did not achieve any progress” in the field of electricity production after “a decade” on the occupation of Iraq,

Stressing that the electricity is still cut off for periods of up to (16) hours a day despite the exchange $ 45 billion on this sector and promises Prime Minister and Minister of Electricity not interrupted inaccurate, with Ezzat continued, “the struggle to save energy” to “budget, contracting and political obstacles “.

She pointed out that Iraq is planning to spend (27) billion dollars on projects to produce energy. Said the U.S. administration, an independent specialized statistics and economic analyzes, in a detailed report on the energy situation in Iraq and seen by “echo truth” that “Iraq is planning to spend 27 billion dollars to set up power plants, and that half of these funds will be allocated for the development and expansion of transmission and distribution systems. ”

She added that “after a decade of years Iraq is still struggling to meet the daily needs of the electric power, where he arrived dropout rate daily electricity to (16) hours a day despite the purchase (74) engine turbo-generating approximately (10) Kikawat of energy, “indicating that” there has been no progress in the process of installing these engines and systems to close before, owing to budget, contracting and political obstacles and rampant government corruption in Iraq, especially in this sector. ”