U.S. State reported that Iraq is heading for dictatorship and opponents of al-Maliki agree

Issawi: U.S. State reported that Iraq is heading for dictatorship and opponents of al-Maliki agree to reject the exclusivity

04/08/2013 (23:01 pm)

 Baghdad – Kirkuk / term and long-Presse

The Minister of Finance resigned Rafie al-Issawi, he told the U.S. delegation visiting Iraq now that Iraq is moving towards “model dictatorship,” stressing match positions list of “united” with the leadership of the Kurdistan region on the “rejection of autocracy.”
This comes at a time stipulated coalition “united “led by Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, the approval of early parliamentary elections called by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, his government’s resignation and the formation of a government of technocrats and duty only to ensure fair elections. Issawi said, in connection with the “long-Presse” yesterday, “informed by telephone delegation American who is visiting Iraq currently headed by Adviser to the Minister of State, Brett Macgork, that Iraq is moving towards a model dictatorship, and explained to them the political crisis and the position of the Iraqi parliamentary bloc, political and position list are united. ” The leader coalition “united” to “fragmentation elections and postponed constitutes a violation of legal and constitutional pursued Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to strike his political opponents, “adding that” no one threatens polling stations in the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar, the political decision. ” and explained that “the government failed to identify an alternative appointment in order to give a chance to Maliki’s allies to build themselves in areas they lost not Essandoa mobility Mass where, “noting that there are 13 political entities out of 16 declared their refusal to postpone the elections as well as the United Nations position of refusing to postpone too.” He Issawi, that “the positions of the Iraqi List, either by its president, Iyad Allawi, or leaders, including Osama Najafi, Rafie al-Issawi and Dhafer al-Ani and Salman Jumaili, identical positions and moves with the leadership of the Kurdistan region on the refusal autocracy and dictatorship, coup-winning Iraqi constitution. ” to that announced a coalition united electoral includes a number of leaders of the Iraqi List, including House Speaker Osama Nujaifi study seriously the proposal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki conduct early parliamentary elections to be conditional. said official spokesman for the list are united Dhafer al-Ani said in a statement yesterday, “I do not mind much of providing parliamentary elections if there is goodwill and available conditions to ensure fairness,” explaining that “Uniting seriously considering invitation of Prime Minister parliamentary elections early, “adding,” We look at how serious the idea or it within the context of the election campaign. ” said Ani “In order to ensure the integrity of the elections and not to falsify the will of the masses, must be the resignation of the current government and the formation of a government of technocrats temporary duty only conduct business and ensuring that the elections can then be dissolve the parliament itself, and initiate early elections, to be election commission prepared technically for the advancement of the burdens elections. ” and added that “ending political paralysis experienced by the country has become a requirement mass is caused mainly in the curriculum authoritarian which is used by the prime minister and form a deviation from the democratic process not ‘d be remedied early elections conditional. ”