Kurdistan: How Maliki was able to talk about a political majority, while unable to complete his government?

Liberals and Kurdistan: How Maliki was able to talk about a political majority, while unable to complete his government?

04/07/2013 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Blocks rejected the Liberals and the Kurdistan Alliance and Iraqi, on Saturday, waving Prime Minister to form a majority government. Liberal and considered “new crisis” added to the series of crises in the country felt that the lack of confidence will hinder the formation.
To describe the Kurdistan Alliance majority government as “unrealistic,” citing that would lead to “the marginalization of one component,” expected its international isolation. However, the Iraqi List, says it will oppose any government headed by al-Maliki, even if the government because its objection to the partnership approach to governance and not its shape.
In the meantime, independent lawmaker asserts that Prime Minister has a majority in the provinces, but failed and desolate, and wondered about Maliki’s ability to form a majority at that time unable to complete the formation of government.
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said during an election rally in Karbala on Friday, said that “the Government of the partnership is a big painful predicament, and Iraq has lost a lot because of it.” Adding “painful reality has led us to the conclusion that the political majority is the solution to get out of this impasse,” and pointed to “some parties that object to the claim to form a government majority,” and called for “early elections to end the partnership or quotas, because the status quo will not lead to build the country. ”
The Maliki spoke a day after one of the talk of the Special Adviser to the Minister of State for Iraq Brett Macorg who stressed his country’s support to the Government of the majority as long as it is constitutional.
Commenting on this, MP for the Liberal bloc Awad al-Awadi, that “the statements of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about the possibility of forming a majority government political out of the current crises is a new crisis,” he said asking, “How can Maliki of collecting votes able to form a majority government?”
The al-Awadi, told the “long” yesterday that “the lack of trust between all the components will hinder the formation of the Government of the political majority that intends to head the government composition,” adding that “these trends are meant to election propaganda does not rise to the level of resolution, and for the occupancy of public opinion other topics to cover up for the failure of the government. ”
Moreover, he considered spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance supporter good to “form a majority government political is unrealistic”, arguing that “Iraq has a large number of components, Nationalities and doctrine” and felt that “the majority be marginalized one plug or sects and minorities.”
The Kurdish lawmaker, in a telephone conversation with the “long” yesterday, that “the best solutions to address all outstanding problems is to return to the basis upon which the political process which is compatibility and application of the principle of true partnership,” adding that “all our current problems are caused by management of power, however, the party and a particular one. ”
Tayeb pointed out that “the formation of a majority government in the present and in the future will make this government internationally isolated because of marginalization and exclusion, which will be adopted in the formation of the ministry by minorities and small creeds and nationalities.”
The representatives of the Kurdistan continues boycott of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, Iraqi List resumed last week to attend the parliamentary sessions as it continues its boycott of the Council of Ministers, who joined recently Sadrist ministers after the approval of the Prime Minister to put the rules of procedure of the debate. The representatives of the Kurdistan region in the Council of Ministers and Parliament declared comments attendance following the ratification of the general budget early last March. Promised KRG passed the general budget, “detracting from the Kurds and the abortion of the principle of national consensus and genuine partnership, and asserted his right not to be bound by this law” because it did not guarantee the rights of the Kurdish people, “waving a unified position from the budget within days.
For his part, saw the head of the Iraqi parliamentary Salman Jumaili that “al-Maliki if he was able to form a majority government to do, but is unable to achieve a majority government.”
And confirms Jumaili, told the “long” yesterday that “no problem with the list in the formation of the Government of the majority but the problem in its approach to the management of power,” adding that “Iraq would object to any government formed by Nuri al-Maliki whether a partnership or a majority because of his policies” .
In the same context, confirms the independent MP Sabah al-Saadi that “local governments in central and southern governorates formed a political majority led by a coalition of state law.”
He described al-Saadi, said in an interview for “long” yesterday, Maliki’s comments about majority government as “not new to the reality of the provincial councils which try to laugh on beards of the people in this elastic phrases that apply to the current government.”
The independent MP felt that “these attempts to attract people to vote for the coalition of state law provincial council.” He pointed out that “Maliki’s governing provinces four years ago did not give her not to ruin and destruction and failure, and wherever they can find corruption in local governments find it runs from the State of Law bloc, especially from the Dawa Party.” And the ability of the Prime Minister to form a federal government and a majority, MP Saadi “there is an attempt to exploit the simplicity of a lot of people because of lack of knowledge of the constitutional order Eptna the federal government and provincial councils is regularly in the province and a decentralized administrative system and the provinces.”
Pointing out that “people do not know the nature of the political system and state administration leads to laughter on them.” He believed that “Maliki is unable to complete his current How can form a majority government.” But Saadi Istdrick saying that “Iraq will not be straightened, but in light of strong parliamentary opposition corrected of the government’s mistakes.”
The country is preparing to hold local elections on April 20 of the current, postponed elections provinces of Anbar and Nineveh to next May because of the security situation in the two provinces.