And U.S. mediation between Baghdad and Erbil: We will go out for neutrality

And U.S. mediation between Baghdad and Erbil: We will go out for neutrality in a timely manner

06/04/2013 (00:01 pm)

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Announced the U.S. State Department that it supports “the Government of a political majority” in Iraq
, provided that it is in accordance with the Constitution, and affirming that the United States’ role in Iraq, “neutral”, stressed that she graduated from those neutral “with some of the parties according to the timing and subject matter” , stressing that it is “behind closed doors”.
adviser said U.S. Secretary of State Brett Makjurk during a meeting on Thursday with a number of journalists at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, including correspondent (range Press) that “the role of the United States in Iraq neutral, and encourages all parties to play a positive role within the Constitution, and make concessions to each, “adding,” If there is a tendency to form a majority government let but within the Constitution and with the consent of the Iraqi side. ”
He Makjurk “everything within the constitution we with him, and on the political parties in Iraq to play the political game according to the framework constitutional, “and stressed that” the Government of a political majority is unconstitutional, “saying saying” example was much ado about to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister and the request is constitutionally and we with him because he is consistent with the Constitution, as well as the political majority. ”
works Makjurk currently a consultant first Minister of State for Iraq, and served in Iraq between the years 2005-2009 as an advisor to Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Ambassador Christopher Hill in Baghdad, and before that an adviser for international affairs at the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Security Council.
confirmed Brett Makjurk it “in spite of our neutral we play, But Thorough sometimes very with some political parties when required, according to time and subject matter, “noting” and we are playing this role behind closed doors. ”
so stressed Makjurk “I came here to Baghdad to follow up what happened after visiting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry , “explaining,” I am here in Iraq and I’m going to meetings with a lot of political leaders and I will go to Arbil and then go to Washington. ”
He Makjurk that “Foreign Minister conducted during his recent visit to Iraq message to political entities, urging the need for dialogue among themselves, and to submit all Party demands specific and explicit, “noting that” Kerry urged the parties to make concessions to reach a solution. ”
and called on Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, “all parties in Baghdad to sit at the negotiating table,” noting “we were delighted when we found the recent developments and the meeting, which gets between the National Alliance and Kurdistan. ”