Iran to export gas to Iraq by 2014

Iran to export gas to Iraq by 2014

Saturday, 06 April 2013 19:38

(AIN) –Iran announced its intention to export (40 million cubic meters) of natural gas daily by summer 2014.

The Iranian Minister of Oil, Jewad Ochy, stated to AIN ‘Iran intends to export (40 million M3) of gas to Iraq daily by summer 2014,” pointing out that “Iraq and Iran reached an agreement that stipulates exporting Iranian natural gas to Iraq through two separated ways.”

“Constructing of the gas pipelines project among Iraq, Syria and Iran was stated since the last year,” he added, noting that “The gas pipeline was designed to deliver natural gas from Iran to other neighbor countries such as Jordan and Lebanon,” he added.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved on February 19th to authorize the Minister of Oil to sign the project of the gas pipeline across Iran, Iraq, Syria and Europe. \END\