Congress: threats to attack Iran, Turkey, Kurdistan warning for the leaders to unite to prevent the abuses that affect the sovereignty of the State

Date: Monday 04/02/2012 10:06

Baghdad (news) .. Warned Congress of the consequences of the Iran or Turkey military operation in Kurdistan, as it will create new problems for the entire Middle East, where there already unrest and instability in many countries. 
Agency (Alaboukharia news) shed light on this issue is the new concern to observers and the countries of the region , where she met with slice of political 
actors in the Iraqi arena, who preferred to a number of them rely on the economic side, because it affects these two countries and… prevent Kiemanma this process. 
described the MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Preezad Shaaban Berwari threats of Iran and Turkey attacked Kurdish as provocative and a violation of the dignity and the limits of Iraq. 
said Berwari (of the Agency news): The constant bombardment on the Iraqi border in Kurdistan, a violation of all norms and international laws and good neighborly relations we seek always. 
showed Berwari: refuse to be a battleground for any party or the opposition, “and we are with the Kurdish issue as a a national issue and not a human “, expressing Omnyatea solve these problems peacefully with Iran, Turkey. 
The Turkish newspapers emphasized earlier, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinted that Turkey may launch a joint operation with Iran against the main base for the PKK, which is classified in Turkey and Europe as a party “terrorist,” noting that such things can not be said, but carried out, as pointed out that the Chief of General Staff completed the evaluation of the region (south-east Turkey) with the leaders of the troops. 
For her part, MP / National Alliance / Iman Hamid Fadhili The Kurdistan Region is an integral part of Iraq. 
She explained: that any attack on the region is an assault on Iraq, stressing that the National Alliance will stand alongside our brothers the Kurds in the plight of these. 
said: There are many solutions that could deter Iran and Turkey on the implementation of this military operation against insurgents opposed to the two states within the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, including meetings and ongoing dialogue between the leaders of the region and present in these two countries. 
The number of media quoted informed sources that Turkey asked the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq agree to establish military bases for logistical zones, “Rania “and” Korna “close to the Qandil mountains which is located where the camps of the PKK separatists in northern Iraq, noting that the Undersecretary of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Feridun Ihsanoglu made ​​the request of the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. 
Meanwhile, a deputy / block and the national / Abdul Rahman Alloizi on the government to find a solution to serious abuses taking place against the Iraqi people and undermine its sovereignty. 
He explained: that the fighters’ organizations (PJAK) and (PKK) did not come long ago, but since a long time, adding that the decision they are within the territory of Iraq pretext for crossing borders, the question must be considered. 
He added that the rivalry between the political leaders lured the rest of the states for such excesses that may be of a military character shall be the price of life. 
described Alloizi these threats, as the warning bell rings in order to restore the political leaders of their accounts and pool forces to Atafrgua to consider such important files and large, which affect the sovereignty of the Iraqi state. 
He also called on the mass of patriots using the economic card to put pressure on these countries and to prevent this military operation. 
The Turkish warplanes violated an Iraq and bombed some border areas, what happens casualties and material damage, under the pretext of pursuing elements and the headquarters of the PKK, Maalhak harm a number of residents of border villages and forcing them to flee from their areas. 
while MP said / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Mehdi Haji: This is not the first time that threatens to Iran or Turkey’s military operations within the Iraqi territory, especially in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, saying that any interference in the affairs of Iraq is targeted to the popular will and all international laws and conventions that deal with Iraq, with the two neighboring countries. 
called: to demand that these two countries not to undertake any military operation inside Iraq against PKK fighters or (Albejak), warning that this operation will cause major problems for the general area of the Middle East. 
He continued that the Kurdistan region will prevent the invasion by all means, noting that a military solution can not solve the problems, in particular, and it’s a national problem, indicating the existence of a continuous dialogue between officials in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan and their counterparts in Iran and Turkey to prevent carry out this military operation. 
and Regions Iraqi border with Turkey and Iran since 2007, artillery attacks and raids of the war planes of Turkey under the pretext of striking elements of the PKK, who is in those areas for more than 25 years, and the party PJAK opposition to Tehran, what killing dozens of Iraqi civilians and displacing hundreds of villagers. / Finished / 5. d. Q /