Kuwait deducted from Iraq, thousands of oil wells

MP for the coalition of state law, Mansur al-Tamimi, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to take a quick about the excesses of the State of Kuwait on the land in the province of Basra.

Tamimi said the “State of Kuwait took more than six kilometers deep into Iraqi territory and seized hundreds of thousands of oil wells and displaced hundreds of families in the Iraqi province of Basra.”

Tamimi called the Foreign Ministry that “have a clear and unified position,” and urged its minister Hoshyar Zebari to “let personal differences with his government to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and office represents the position of the people and the current government.”

The homes of a number of citizens in the Umm Qasr area located within the path of the border line of demarcation plans to put the Kuwaiti government, has asked these citizens evacuate their homes two weeks ago. The UN Security Council issued in 1993 Resolution No. / 833 / which requires demarcation of the border between Kuwait and Iraq, the extended length of about 216 km, and led the implementation of resolution partially under the previous regime to deduct large swathes of Iraqi territory in my part of Safwan and Umm Qasr and incorporation into the territory Kuwaiti