Iraq within the first ten countries in the development opportunities

Inaugurated by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Monday, in the capital Baghdad Investment and Business Forum Iraqi Korean, as he emphasized that Iraq has become among the first ten countries in development opportunities.

The Prime Minister said in a speech during the opening ceremony, said that “Iraq has become a part of the first ten countries in the development opportunities by reports international economic organizations,” asserting that “in front of international companies, particularly the Korean companies great opportunities to invest in Iraq after the conditions are created legal and necessary guarantees to work in all areas. “

Maliki confirmed “the desire of Iraq establish a strategic relationship with Korea for the success of its experience in the field of construction and reconstruction and advancement of the economy after graduating from the wars and overcome the obstacles many, conditions similar to Iraq has passed through and encourage contracting companies Korean giant known for their competence and commitment Baltoukitat specific achievement. “

The Prime Minister added that “Korean companies operating in Iraq broke all barriers and worked in key areas and have a significant role in the establishment of the largest two blocks comprising the first one hundred thousand residential units and the second seventy thousand housing units, in addition to its contribution in the field of electricity, “he said, adding “Iraq sought for the construction of other projects including the construction of a cement plant two million tons per week card and other projects in the fields of energy, transport and communications.”

A delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Trade and Energy in South Korea Jo Seok included a number of heads of Korean companies major, met in Baghdad (15 March 2012), Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani, as called for last Korean companies to build strategic industries in Iraq, while expressed Korea its readiness to work in the country in various fields.

And already signed, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, in (February 17, 2012), with the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea Kim Swank Hwan memorandum of understanding for cooperation diplomatic and political between the two countries, as well as emphasis on expanding the participation of Korean companies in the areas of energy and investment in major projects, such as building complexes residential and establishment of a laboratory for Iron and Steel in Basra.

Relations between Iraq and South Korea in recent times , sophisticated and clear, especially in the economic and investment fields in addition to the political sphere, in the light of the two countries desire to develop these relations to serve the common interests.