State law acquits Biden of project (Vdrlh) “divide” Iraq

State law acquits Biden of project (Vdrlh) “divide” Iraq

Created Monday, 01 April / April 2013 10:38

Baghdad / Orr News

Announced a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the U.S. Vice President is no longer involved in the plan to divide Iraq to three states “Shiite” and “Sunni” and “Kurdish”.

A member of the Iraqi parliament for a coalition of state law and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in parliament, Sami al-Askari, in a press statement, in response to what was announced by Chairman of the Legal in parliament Khalid Shwani (Kurdistan Alliance) about offering a delegation from the Committee idea in Washington, said that “what was announced Huani does not represent the opinion of the Legal Committee and the opinion of the rest of the blocks, and he himself issued this statement, note that this man has already taken unilateral steps of this kind. ”

The Huani, who continues to visit to the United States within the framework of a joint committee of the “legal” and “human rights”, and among its members the leader of the Iraqi List Haider Mulla, pointed out that “there is an agreement within the Committee supported a plan to establishment of three federations in Iraq as guarantee for the construction of a unified federal state according to a draft U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. ” The military said “الفدرلة and on what basis has is an introduction to the division of Iraq, everyone has realized the seriousness of this matter to the unity of the country with the exception of the Kurds, as they strongly support such ideas because they serve their interests.”

And on whether the United States went like this through what was known years before the draft Biden, said the military “I was I less than a month in the United States with political delegation, were met by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and we talked a long time about these things , and, inter alia, his own Pfdrlh Iraq, said Biden us literally: The Biden Congressman is Biden Vice President, “adding that” Biden told us: We are with the unity of Iraq. and sensed that its arguments are positive, and therefore what he says Khalid Shwani is not new no expresses the opinion of the Legal Committee or political blocs as it reflects the dreams and aspirations. ”