German calls Iraq to settle points before discussing cooperation agreement with EU

Baghdad (AIN) -German called the Iraqi government to explain the political situation in Iraq before discussing the mutual cooperation agreement between Iraq and the European Union in the next EU meeting.

Diplomatic source told All Iraq News Agency “The German Foreign Ministry called the Iraqi Ambassador to German to convey to the Iraqi officials, German’s concerns over three points which affected the discussions conducted in the recent EU meeting about activating the mutual cooperation agreement between Iraq and the EU, calling Iraq to resolve these points before the next meeting of the EU.”

“The pointes are related to the concern over the deterioration of the security situation in Iraq and the withdrawal of many ministers from the government, urging the government and the political sides to urgently settle their disputes,” the source added.

“German shares the US its concern over the possibility of transporting weapons from Iran to Syrian regime across the Iraqi airspaces,” noting “The last point is the issue of arresting and abusing the Iraqi employee who works for the French embassy in Iraq who wanted to visit the French journalist, Nadir Dandoun, who was released some time ago where the employee’s case is still unsettled despite releasing him temporarily,” he stressed.

The diplomatic source continued saying “The Iraqi Ambassador expressed, during meeting the German official, his trust in the Iraqi officials’ ability to settle all these issues, promising to follow up the matter of the employee at the French embassy.”