Presidency of the parliament threatening 200 deputies were absent Thursday deduct million dinars

Presidency of the parliament threatening 200 deputies were absent Thursday deduct million dinars for each session

30/03/2013 (00:01 pm)

 Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi

Threatened the Presidency of the Council of Representatives members of the Council absent sever million dinars for each day of absence as well as to publish their names in the media. This came against the backdrop of non-completion of the session last Thursday and have not attended only 118 deputies in the absence of more than 200 deputies. In this context considered Liberal bloc, on Saturday, the phenomenon of the absence of Representatives for parliament sessions as “prejudice the department”, warning of popular demonstrations denouncing Palmtgben . in turn described independent lawmaker Parliament “live Motta clinically”, blaming the Presidency responsible for lack of quorum meetings because providing Agenda “meager.” and was charged with a coalition of state law House Speaker Osama Nujaifi condoning absent, said Iraqi white that the deputies do not care to cut their salaries, and called for change presidency of the parliament or go to early elections. was House Speaker Osama Najafi decided to postpone the hearing of the 15 of the second legislative term of the year legislative third twice last week for lack of quorum. Commenting on this, confirms the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji “The agenda for the meeting last Thursday was important and included many of the laws that serve the citizen and government institutions.” He Araji, told the “long” yesterday, that “the absence of Representatives is prejudice in the department and the people held accountable,” warning that “experiencing different provinces demonstrations denouncing the role of parliament, which did not achieve for the people of any interest but was a place of Mnacfat political, recriminations, and miscarriage political only. ” adds the head of the Liberal bra by saying that “the agenda has nothing to do in the absence of Representatives, and that in most cases is replaced table after veto some paragraphs فتوافق the Presidency to include any law for discussion. ” turn describes the independent MP Jawad Albzona phenomenon “lack of quorum” as “the beginning of clinical death of the parliament.” and draws Albzorna, in an interview for the “long” yesterday, that “Parliament did not succeed, since adoption of the budget, holding its regular, “adding that” an indication of paralysis legislative authority, which must be the most important among the authorities. ” said independent MP that “the presidency of the House of Representatives responsible for inclusion agenda scrawny,” likely to be the reluctance of some MPs from entering the hall Council “because of the absence of important laws because the laws that were on the agenda of Thursday’s meeting is inconsistent with state-building and aspirations of the people.” He Albzona “there agreements between the Iraqi List and the Speaker of lack of quorum,” adding, “ruled that moving the parliament to dissolve itself , because most MPs would not attend any meeting will be devoted to it, also ruled out the possibility of forming a majority government because the rest of the life of the government one year. ” turn says the leader of the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi said, “Najafi does not cut the salaries of absent but always trying to fight the House of Representatives the most committed , “adding that” some MPs residing in other countries and Najafi did nothing to punish or deter them. ” and draws Saadi “there efforts by the State of Law coalition and other blocs to dissolve parliament and go for early elections in the event of continued approach Presidency of the parliament in this way” . Meanwhile, a head of the Iraqi bloc white beauty melon, told the “long” yesterday, that “the House of Representatives did not succeed to pass any law stating citizen or the political process, and that this deficit stems from the heart of the Presidency.” and saw melon that “publishing the names of deputies is not a solution to address the absences of Representatives repeated for parliament sessions, “stressing that” more of Representatives does not care for Qtoat even if have not been paid. ” The Information Service of the Parliament announced, in a statement last Thursday, the names of deputies, where he scored deputies powers Kurdistan higher rate due to their absence from the Council of Representatives since the beginning of March current, and decided to boycott the hearings after the ratification of the general budget. came National Alliance came in second in the absence 27 Vice, The Iraqi polarities ranked third absence 22 deputies, followed by the Iraqi Freedom absence 4 deputies, and national white block and patriots both Bnaúben.