The announcement of the end of the problem of the border between Iraq and Kuwait to demolish three houses in the Umm Qasr area

Basra’s governor Khalaf Abdul Samad, “that yesterday saw the need to end the border between Iraq and Kuwait to demolish three houses on the border between the two countries in the Umm Qasr area southwest of Basra.”

Said Abdul Samad during a joint press conference this afternoon in Basra with the head of the UN mission in Iraq, Martin Kobler, attended correspondent for Radio tow “The end of file border came after compensation homeowners that have been removed, describing the move task to exit Iraq from Chapter VII.”

For his part, the President of the United Nations Mission in Iraq Martin Kobler, “The number of outstanding problems between the two countries have been resolved, including the problem of territorial waters in the Khawr Abd Allah.”

And Oharkoppelr “that the political relations between Iraq and Kuwait began improving and was last reasons for the improvement is the demarcation of the border in the Umm Qasr area.”

Kobler called “the Iraqi government create a green belt on the Iraq-Kuwait border, especially in light of the high number of dust storms emanating from Iraq in recent years for transmission to the need to develop quick solutions in cooperation with neighboring Gulf countries.”

Within governor of Basra said he could “exploit Iraq Kuwait compensation funds in the establishment of the green belt and so bring benefit to the two countries.”