Oil: 8.475 billion dollars worth of crude exports in March

Sunday, April 1, 2012 14:43

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. The Ministry of Oil rising exports for the month of last March from previous rates of up to a total of 71 827 (Seventy-one million eight hundred and twenty-seven thousand) barrels, and a daily average reached 2317 (two million three hundred and seventeen thousand) barrels per day, and the proceeds amounted to more than 8475 eight billion, four hundred and seventy-five million dollars and… average selling price of $ 118 per barrel.

Said the spokesman of the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad told / Baghdadiya News /, Sunday, “The reality of the quantities exported in the month of last March registered an increase did not achieve Iraq since 1980, despite the decline in the quantities supplied by the Kurdistan region and the exposure lines system north to export ( Kirkuk – Ceyhan, Turkey) for many sabotage operations, as well as the bad weather in the southern ports, which disrupted tanker loading for several days. “

Jihad said that thanks to the increase in exports due to the floating harbor project, which opened last February card 850 thousand barrels per day.

The spokesman said the official of the ministry, “that the quantities of exports from the Basra oil amounted to a total of 59 427 (fifty-nine million four hundred and twenty-seven thousand) barrels at a rate of 1.917 (one million nine hundred and seventeen thousand) barrels per day, total exports of oil from the Kirkuk fields 12 420 (twelve million four hundred thousand barrels), at 400 (four hundred thousand) barrels per day.

He explained that he hoped to see higher rates of export during this April and the coming months due to increased production and rising energy export / End / 42.