Al-Maliki calls for the development of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations in all fields including sports

Baghdad (newsletter).Prime Minister Nouri Kamel al-Maliki, during a meeting with the official, his Office said Wednesday, His Highness the President of the Olympic Council of Asia and President of the Federation International Olympic committees ‘ Anouk ‘ Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahd al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, to develop Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations in all fields, particularly cooperation in the sports activities.

According to a statement by Maliki’s Office received (News Agency) a copy of: the Prime Minister stressed the need for attention to the sport and its significance in building health and proper community and generations as well as stark a symbol of national unity.

He added: the Government is serious about building sports institutions in various parts of Iraq because of the high proportion of youth in the Iraqi society, which we regard as a national treasure, calling for the development of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations in all areas that would strengthen the bonds of affection between the two fraternal peoples and cooperation in joint sports activities.

The statement said: Sheikh Ahmed Fahd al-Sabah had commended the substantial support provided by the Iraqi Government to sports and youth sector in Iraq, he said: what I’ve seen of sports institutions in the sports city in Basra province is the pride of action sports, stressing its support for Iraqi sports