Attorney Al-Shara: oil and gas law formula will solve the oil crisis agreed between Erbil and Baghdad

Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Committee ruled out oil and energy/National Alliance MP/ULI Shara, ending outstanding differences between the Kurdish region and the Federal Government regarding oil exploration after the oil and gas law the principle of parliamentary majority, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the agreed language of all.

Shara said (News Agency): the oil and gas law is one of the important laws and sensitive at the same time it deals with hydrocarbon wealth represented by oil and gas, and recommended the Constitution as the property of all the Iraqi people.

He continued: it cannot pass the oil and gas law in the absence of consensus by the parliamentary blocs to end all differences between Kurdistan and the Federal Government regarding oil exploration and extraction.

He added: the dialogue and the formation of joint committees and meetings continued the best way out of the oil crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, the Federal Government must deal with the Kurdistan region as part of the State to end the disputes between the Centre and the region