Iraq agrees to Kerry’s proposal to hold early elections

Najafi requires the formation of a government of Technocrats headed by an independent

BAGHDAD – Alaa al-Tamimi Counting some Lawmakers and Iraqi politicians to hold early elections as a way out of the political crisis that beset the country, at the time and approved the Iraqi Parliament Speaker, the leader of the Iraqi List, Osama al-Nujaifi, a proposal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs George John Kerry during a meeting with him in Baghdad, conduct these elections provided a government independent Technocrats headed.

A member of the Iraqi List, Raad Dahlaki’s (citizen): »that early elections if they are the director of the political crisis there is no problem of that». Added »We support orientations Najafi on early elections to end the crisis raging for months in the country». Explaining »that situation is is unlikely if remained Things are going this way because we feel we are going into the unknown and must find a way out immediately to this crisis». continued Aldhlki »that early elections certainly will change things because there are political agreements new look future strategy will be Bhz side». urging politicians to serious dialogue on this side and not to escalate the campaign Alaamah this framework.

The agency Anatolian quoted according to sources familiar with her that «Kerry suggested Najafi early parliamentary elections in Iraq in an attempt to resolve political differences between the blocks of the ruling, has Deigned to proposed U.S. provided a government of Technocrats headed by an independent person and then move on for the parliamentary elections Early and form a new government.

The agency said the Turkish news agency that «Kerry was disturbed by the latest developments in Iraq », noting that« Kerry said during a meeting with Nujaifi The course conditions heading toward demolition everything done by Washington in order to build democracy in Iraq », calling on all parties to« cooperation order to complete the national partnership and overcome crises.