Economists: the opening of branches of factories in the country will support the global economy and the development of local industry

Industrial sector suffers Iraqi neglect and severe deterioration Bbnah infrastructure as a result passed by the country’s conditions of war and terrorism since the eighties of the last century and to this day, where he called for a number of MPs and economists to pay attention to the industrial sector in terms of providing financial and logistical support to him, to become one joists task that feed into the national economy.

And stressed the importance of encouraging industrial companies world to open branches in Iraq in order to stimulate local industry through competition and gain experience.

Member of the economic and investment commission MP Ibrahim Rikabi, refer: reasons for not promoting the industrial sector to situations security and political unstable in the country, being a form major challenge to attract international companies to rehabilitate this vital sector.

added Rikabi: if stabilized political and security situation and economic development in the country to become a ‘explosion’ in economic development, particularly industrial development because the Iraqi environment is a fertile environment for investment and have the skills to great.

pointed to: that the idea of encouraging international companies to enter to Iraq for the purpose of opening factories and Amokhtlv products will support local industry in terms of creating competition between national product and foreign, as well as gaining experience and technological prevailing domain industry.

while head assembly Iraqi industrial عبدالحسن Shammari, said: that the process of promoting the industrial sector private require the presence of financial support by the government interest-free financial and distributed regularly and easy for industrialists and the period of repayment soft.

Al-Shammari said that failure of private industry due to poor departments and planning by the institutions of the state, where the federal government announced the initiative industrial and allocated funds to be distributed as loans financial interest-free for Snaaan within the general budget, But some government institutions impede the implementation plan initiative that made it stalled.

added: that the Industrial Bank argues against disbursement of loans to industrialists, despite the availability of funds and the existence of orders by the executive branch for disbursement of Industrialists.

explained: that some government agencies and cooperation with neighboring countries are working to sabotage the national economy and the destruction of the industrial sector through the import of goods and dumping damaged, calling for an end to imports and support the local product. either academic at the University of Mustansiriya Hamid al-Moussawi, called for: the need to launch a special government industrial sector to promote it, because of its great importance in the development of the economy National.

Moussawi said that the industrial sector is still neglected and suffers from many problems, they need from the federal government to focus its plans to support future industrial producers to develop local industry. He added: that the government is required to launch an industry initiative aimed at promoting the product of domestic industrial through the granting of soft loans and create the right climate and facilities for industrialists and create the right climate for them, and equipped with electric power and fuel to be able to rehabilitate their laboratories industrial.

Between: The idea of opening factories known international in the country will contribute and significantly support the industrial sector, calling to encourage international companies sober to enter the Iraqi environment. was Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways, said, that future plans for the Iraqi government focusing on the advancement of the industrial sector, stressing the need to focus on the sector as an important tributary of the tributaries Iraq’s national economy.

mentions that the Iraqi industrial sector suffered after 2003 to the neglect of a broad, resulting in a shortfall of more factories to the production deficit.