Iraqi Delegation Invites Brazil to Write off the Debts on Iraq; Encourages Iraqi Investment

Called the Iraqi delegation participating in the work of the session 128 of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Brazil to write off its debts, at the same time called for Brazilian companies to invest in various fields in Iraq.

The president of the Iraqi delegation, Sheikh d. Hamoudi to head the Brazilian delegation on the Sidelines of the session 128 of the Inter-Parliamentary Union: that Iraq Racing against time and the opportunity is open to Brazilian companies now invest in different areas in Iraq , for its part, said head of the Brazilian delegation that her country is interested in the relationship with Iraq calling for conversion minutes of the meeting points process and start the formation of a parliamentary friendship committee that monitors looking at the meeting.

The Iraqi delegation met with his Brazilian counterpart on the Sidelines of the session 128 of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Ecuador, where the delegation the opportunity to invest presence of a large number of parliaments and international parliamentary assemblies.

Sheikh Hamoudi said the old relations with Brazil, especially economic and expressed Iraq’s appreciation of the Brazilian experience higher in the economy and the elections, calling to convert the historical relationship to something practical to serve the two countries.

He said the Iraqi delegation who attended him, the meeting also MPs Sadiq al-Rikabi Wad. Nada al-Jubouri that Iraq needs to raced against time after 30 years of war and its doors are open to all.