A proposed currency union will support the Arab Iraqi economy

01/04/2012 0:00
BAGHDAD РAl Sabah said a member of the Economic Commission Amer winner that the proposal that was presented at a meeting of finance ministers Arabs in Baghdad to unify the currency of Arab and create a common market will support the economies of Arab countries, particularly the Iraqi economy.

said Fayez: You should not have to… forget that the principle of the Union means strength, and to standardize Arab attitudes and political rapprochement and economic cooperation among them should be no economic integration Arab, through the consolidation of common markets and currency Arabic, which will support the economies of all the Arab countries, the fact that these countries have abundant large and in all sectors, whether agricultural, industrial or oil or tourism.¬†
added for (news): In the event of economic integration Arab and the issuance of a unified Arab currency, it will give economic power to all Arab countries including Iraq, because most Arab countries have the spring and became regimes where democracy after the dictatorship of the object to the establishment of such activities, noting that the opportunity now appropriate to make the Arab economy enjoy development and prosperity.